Weird Personal UM Stats

Have any unusual stats from seeing UM? List them here.

For example, there is a little 1:00 Randy Rhoads acoustic piece called “Dee”. I’ve seen Jake play this 3 out of the 7 times its been played.

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Im at 117 shows and no soul foods


seeing UM 117 times, that’s a weird stat


45 shows, most of which came in the northeast from 2006-2012, and still no FP, Ninja, Visions, Padgett’s, or Sweetness. But I’ve caught multiple IVOYs.

Nothing particularly exciting. I saw Water my first 3 shows and had 5 of them by show 12,
which was pretty random. Haven’t seen one since 2012

It took me 6 or 7 CWs before getting a CW2.

Seen the band 69 times over 18 years, only once on a Monday. That’s about as weird as my stats get.

Didn’t catch an Ocean Billy for 53 shows after 7/17/10 until 3/30/19.

In 2015 I saw In the Hall of the Mountain King close 6/28 (Thin Air) and then open my next show, 7/3.

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Wow that Billy stat is shocking

I went 43 shows without a Wizard.

I got my second Wizard 3 songs after my first.

(10/5/18 > 1018/18)

Edit: Not a reply.

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43 shows and still chasing Andy’s Last Beer.

Also, not much variety in latitudes where I’ve seen UM:


That’s not much longitudinal difference for me

15 year anniversary of my first show was back on 6/10, since then, I have averaged seeing UM once every 47 days.


I’ve seen a bit all over, a little weird that VA has eluded me.

Since we’re posting our maps…I stick in the Mid-Atlantic mostly



Nothing on the east coast or in the south


I love stattin’ it up. SE & TX ter next up on the list.

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My map is so sad compared to these. Pretty sure I’ve seen UM in 5 states.


Was gonna add my first new UM state to the map in quite a while with Louisiana before the April shows were canceled. Will make it to a show there soon as I can.

It’s been 6 1/2 years since I’ve seen them outside of my state and the two states that touch it. RIP UMbowl 2020

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How many shows do you have to see in NY to get a state to turn that color? haha

Also TIL UM has never played shows in 4 states - Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, and South Dakota

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