The Goose Is Loose

I wonder what Goose Red Rocks tickets will go for on the secondary market? I’ve never been an advocate for scalping tickets but greasing the gaggle could be a very lucrative opportunity these next few years.


Sounds like a masturbation term


I won’t say the idea hasn’t crossed my mind, but fuck scalpers.

Buddy told me he got fucked over trying to scalp tickets he bought to a show he was expecting to sell out and he lost money on them because he couldn’t sell them. I told him he deserved it.


This is kind of where my head is at. I remember staying with borters in NYC in 2009 for the two nights of UM at the Nokia that year and they were gearing up to buy a bunch of DMB Fenway tickets to scalp. Like dozens of tickets to that show that year. I got a weird feeling from that…cool people but I did not agree with the move.

I think I’d be a pretty big hypocrite if I popped my scalper’s cherry with the Goose scene.

That being said, I might try for Red Rocks tickets tomorrow to help out some friends.

You have never goosterbated wih your homies?

My cum be dripping like dripfield.


I have yet to Fallon my Jimmy yet!

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funny I was flying back from mexico and was at a airport bar and this 1.0 phish woman sits down next to me. We talk about mexico and how great it was, summer tour and then we somehow get on TreyGoose, and she DID NOT like goose AT ALL. I simply asked her why…“they don’t do it for me”…Ok what does that mean and she could nor articulate a single thought besides" they don’t do it for me"… Asked her if she saw many shows…NO, have you listened to them NO. Then she starts telling me she was actually angry Trey was playing with them. I aske her why…Because she just wants Trey to play and it should have just been Trey band…I tell het that Trey Band had played a number of shows that year as did Phish and this was an addition to Trey’s touring schedule and not a subtraction and if you don’t like Goose then don’t go, but it’s nothing to get upset or angry about…This woman was gross, haggard and completely washed up and was still living in 1996.

So now when ever I see goose hater posts online I picture someone like this woman and I smile.

Yeah, thats exactly me. Fuck Goose.


I always enjoy when a new band comes along and they suddenly have to be the best thing ever or you are a hater.

Had some guy get legit upset because when he told me Rick is better than Trey i pointed out how absurd that comment was. Due to me not thinking Rick is better than Trey I got called a bitter hater.

He even admited that Rick doesnt have a very good tone and tends to play similar progressions in all the jams, but even with him admiting that, me saying Trey is better makes me dumb.


Dude don’t be such a hater


Forgive me, I had some ice cream a little bit ago so I am pretty lit. What I meant to say is Goose invented live music.

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So I signed up for ChatGPT Plus yesterday to get access to the new GPT4 tech. Not sure how this response compares to GPT3, but I want my $20 back now.


Why was Goose able to ascend venues so quickly over the last five years?

Goose, an American jam band, gained significant traction and ascended through various venues over the last five years due to a combination of factors. Here are some key reasons for their rapid rise:

  1. Talent and musical ability: Goose is comprised of talented musicians with a strong foundation in improvisation, instrumental prowess, and songwriting skills. Their ability to create dynamic, engaging live performances has resonated with audiences and built a dedicated fanbase.
  2. Unique sound: Goose’s music is a blend of rock, funk, and folk influences, infused with the jam band tradition. Their distinct sound has attracted listeners looking for something fresh and different in the live music scene.
  3. Word of mouth and grassroots marketing: The band’s live performances have created a buzz among fans, leading to word-of-mouth promotion and growing interest in their music. This organic growth has been an essential component of their ascent through various venues.
  4. Use of technology and social media: Goose has effectively used social media platforms and streaming services to share their music and connect with fans. By releasing live recordings, videos, and engaging content, they have widened their audience reach and driven interest in their live shows.
  5. Persistence and hard work: Goose has shown dedication to their craft by continuously touring, refining their live performances, and producing new music. This work ethic has helped the band build a reputation as a must-see live act, which has translated to increasing demand for their shows in larger venues.
  6. Support from the jam band community: Goose has been embraced by the jam band community and received support from established acts within the genre. This has provided opportunities for the band to perform at festivals and larger venues, further raising their profile.

These factors combined have contributed to Goose’s rapid ascent in the live music scene, allowing them to climb from smaller venues to larger, more prestigious stages over the last five years.

Now I just had to get the other side of the coin…


Why has Umphrey’s McGee’s popularity declined since the pandemic?

While it is difficult to pinpoint a single reason for Umphrey’s McGee’s decline in popularity since the pandemic, several factors may have contributed:

  1. Impact of the pandemic on live music: The COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation or postponement of numerous live music events, including concerts and festivals. Umphrey’s McGee, like many other bands, relies heavily on live performances to maintain their fanbase and generate income. The disruption to their touring schedule could have contributed to a decline in popularity.
  2. Shift in music consumption habits: The pandemic led to a significant shift in how people consume music, with an increased focus on streaming and digital platforms. While Umphrey’s McGee has a strong online presence, their music is particularly well-suited to the live concert experience. The shift in consumption habits may have affected their ability to attract new fans or maintain existing ones.
  3. Changing musical tastes: Over time, musical tastes and trends evolve. It is possible that the popularity of the progressive rock/jam band genre that Umphrey’s McGee is a part of has waned, leading to a decline in the band’s popularity.
  4. Competition: The music industry is highly competitive, and the pandemic has led to a surge in artists releasing new music and seeking innovative ways to connect with audiences. This increased competition may have contributed to a decline in Umphrey’s McGee’s popularity, as fans explore other artists and genres.
  5. Band dynamics and output: It is possible that changes in the band’s lineup, creative direction, or the pace of releasing new material have impacted their popularity. Fans may be less engaged if they feel the band’s output has become stagnant or if they are not connecting with the band’s current direction.

It’s important to note that declines in popularity can be temporary, and bands like Umphrey’s McGee have the potential to regain momentum through new music releases, innovative live performances, or other creative endeavors.


Goose is what you get if you trained a machine learning model on every jamband in history and your fitness function was maximizing how many people come to the shows.


Shut up, nerd. Your band doesnt even jam. Maybe if you did more people would come to your shows.

That was harsh. Im not sorry. But I love you Dusty.

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Mustache man gives me serious “gonna get caught by a biker gang taking sketchy photos of a kid” vibes. That progression into Phish might be a real thing.


you’re right. what am I doing with my life?

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Working for the maaaaan, man

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I have secured geese tickets for MKE

Ts and Ps.