The Goose Is Loose

A place for everything Goose, a funky quartet out of CT. This band is really picking up some steam with their breakout performances at Resonance and Peach last year. Only a matter of time before they open for UM.

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Someone mentioned Goose will be an opener for UM this year at RR. Not sure if there is truth to that but would be stoked if true.

@pattymelt has yet to be wrong

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Dude is on fire.

I will gladly take some Goose before UM. That sounds like a good time. Since they’re a quartet I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jake sit in with them.

Ive finally really been gettin locked into Goose lately. The hype is real and im pretty stoked on these guys. Creatures and Slow Ready have been the songs that have really hooked me. Lead singer has a great voice, with or without the vocoder/autotune. I just need to hear some fire jams from them. Still looking for a new band that has the whole package like UM does. Great songs with crazy good jams to support the songs. Spafford is great and their jams are spectacular but I really, genuinely like only maybe one show’s worth of songs. Really been digging the songs from Goose but now I need to hear some knockout jams. Have listened to Resonance and Peach sets, but nothins got me yet.

Fun show. Notable segments: All I Need > Carol of the Bells (32:00), Slow Ready > Creatures > Tomorrow Never Knows (2:04:30)

Yeti > Linus and Lucy (1:07:48) is fun if you can take more holiday tunes.

Stumbled into Rick leaving MSG on 12/30. Was completely spun and wearing a Goose hoodie. Awesomely awkward. Cool dude though, excited for the Philly shows in a couple months.

Would be curious what % of the crowd leaves before pigeons on this upcoming tour?


Was wondering the same. Theres already a ton of talk on the socials that many have that plan. Id 100% be one of them

I will probably stay for a stay for a song or two, for research purposes only.

It’s a shame they aren’t any good. BF Skinner has done some incredibly fascinating work for behavioral psychology.

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They’re nasty! Slow ready is my new jam

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I was debating about going down to Chicago to see them and definitely leave before pppp.

@PattyMelt nice call. Stoked for Goose on the rocks!

maybe start with giving out some blowies to the guys at L4LM…? same thing happened to Spaff. came out of nowhere, got pimped out by l4lm and shot straight to the top of the 5th tier


I support your band making the leap. I really dig your sound. I think you guys have what it takes. Serially.

How do you know they have a good flow of money? Just curious if they have a Tauk like connection, who BTW really seemed to have fizzled out.

Tauk fizzled out because they exposed themselves as mediocre as hell with daddy’s paycheck and people caught on

Lol yeah I know tauk suck.

I just moreso thought goose have grown fast because of their playing not $$$. Admittedly I’ve barely listened to them.

Goose’s playing is great. No doubt about that.

I wouldn’t describe Tauk as mediocre at all. They are very good players with a unique sound but their sound and approach is maybe not the best fit for this scene in terms of sustaining popularity. All instrumental with not a ton of jam band jamming is a tough sell for the jam scene.

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