The Doniac Schvice

Yeah going to both nights. None of us hit the lotto but my buddy was able to get tickets when they went on sale pretty easily I think. Not aware of any extras right now but I can talk to a friend who is a much bigger phish guy than I am and see if he knows of anything

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I didnt try. Just a last minute idea. Lmk man. Would need 2. May just head down there and do the lot thing.

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Probably would be fun. Since it’s a new venue and small I have no idea what the day of ticket situation will look like on lot. Worst comes to worst you’re at the beach

Would obviously prefer to get in, but Phish lot usually pops off after the show starts.

Idk we’ll see. Keep me in mind, and I’ll shoot ya a text if we end up heading down there




Let’s paaaahty chicago

Dang if I was in the country I’d hit up that Dayton run.

Probably bailing on Alpharetta now. These ticket prices are fucking insane but don’t care. Pre parties and after parties downtown are gonna be so much fun. Fuck I’m excited, way better than Ascend in my book

Nice. Was feeling pretty salty about not having any Phish shows on my schedule.

Was planning MSG, but family scheduled a trip same time so it would have been impossible.

Going to plan on Nashville and Chicago.

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Waiting on Phish tickets is always the move.

Especially if you dont care where you sit.


allstate 2018, bought $80 tickets from my buddy’s cousin. was given a free floor ticket about 7 minutes later.

will never buy Phish tickets ahead of time again.

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Yea, Halloween, NYE, Dicks, and venues 10k or less it might be worth getting in advance.

Otherwise chances are you will find cheap/free tickets closer to shows.

Being behind the state at indoors shows is already my move anyways, even if i have good seats.

I’d gladly take a Saturday Alpharetta off your hands.

Phish fans always crack me up. They buy up all the tickets and then end up selling half of what they buy for a loss.


I had Fenway tickets for that terrible run (maybe '17?), terrific tickets, first row just left of the third base. Basically gave them away. Sold each ticket for $25 under face and then paid for expedited one-day shipping because the took forever to fucken sell.

never. again.

I’m simply asking for a green room at the next Phish show I plan to attend.


Beyond the special runs like NYE and Halloween, Bill Graham and Dick’s when there’s no west coast tour are the only ones you really need to plan for. The rest are pretty damn easy to get even day-of.


So many people skipped the St. Paul tour opener in 2016. Tickets were everywhere outside. A buddy got a lower bowl seat in my section for $15 when I paid $75 in the lottery.

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I am very glad i skipped that show

Was pretty fucking weak. Wish they would come back though. Xcel is great for big shows.


the “wife’s” best friend lives in like Alameda (RN4L) and the “wife” wanted to go out there for this past Berkeley run. of course the only Phish tickets you want are the one’s you can get.