Songs That You’re Chasing

I’ve been chasing The Crooked One since 5/26/2006 Scamp and I am destined and determined to end that chase at some point over the upcoming 8/21-8/24 run.

Finally checked off the elusive Wormbog over NYE! I think I may have gotten around 9 or so firsts for UM originals throughout the run. Definitely pretty wild.

Edit: make that 8:

13 Days
Muff II
Headphones & Snowcones
Full Frontal

1000 Places To See Before You Die
Soul Food III
Hanging Chads
Until We Meet Again

All of the above are originals I haven’t caught yet. Feel really fortunate to have caught most of the rare ones (Muff’s, IVOY, QBert, Mamu, BHSD etc) over the years.

Was able to cross off a lot of songs this year with the help of wax on wax off and New Years. Could’ve knocked off a couple more had I gone to Red Rocks.

The chase continues for:

Out of Order
Made to Measure
Red Tape
Last Man Swerving
Front Porch

I know I’m in the minority but I would love it if they brought back Downtrodden.

Not sure how I haven’t caught CWII but here we are:

Cemetery Walk II
Last Man Swerving
Front Porch

After 43 shows:
Andy’s Last Beer
Thin Air
Last Man Swerving
Morning Song
The Haunt
Made to Measure
Baby Honey Sugar Darlin’

33 shows / 10 years in March. I’ve seen a bunch of special and rare stuff, I feel very lucky. That said I’m originals chasing…

Great American
Dear Lord
13 Days


Money For Nothing
…And Justice For All
46 & 2
It’s About That Time
A Fifth of Beethoven

Only song I’m chasing after 115 shows is orfeo

The only song I’m chasing, that’s actually in ~mostly~ consistent rotation is Hey 19.

I’ve only seen it once, 18 years ago yesterday, and have missed it by 1 show about 10 times since.

Listening to HOF and realizing I haven’t seen Spires since Mantis ter. Would love to catch one sometime soon.

Only song I’m chasing is Space Funk Booty.

I’ve caught Q.Bert, G-Song, Muff 2, mamu(twice), headphone & snowcones (4) sludge and death, Noopener, Memories of Home (3), 1000 places, bullhead city, Amble on, Kat’s Tune, Bad Poker etc…

…but I can’t get that damn song off my list.

DBK lol. I’ve seen most of those deep cuts but somehow not DBK

Words and the Haunt. Had a thread on the last Bort about my last Words which was Seattle 2014.

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That was my last of nine Haunts too. Fucking Seattle. Great city but the Yellow Bag Guy curse is real.

People that are chasing “nachos for two” should just go to a carnival.

It’s a shame they don’t play stuff like q#bert and The other side of things anymore. IVOY as well…can only assume cause it hurts Stasiks ego and has to sit out on that one. And btw, how can they try and sell GITV merch, but never play it anymore???

Professor Wormbog
The Crooked One
Mullet (Over)
Tribute to the Spinal Shaft
1000 Places

Lucky to have caught: 13 Days, The Haunt, GYMRHx2, Proverbial in my meager show count.

I don’t understand how I haven’t caught a Nemo. My favorite jam vehicle and one of the songs that made me a fan.

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Obligatory gn00b And GITV

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Tough to GITV when they don’t play shows within 6 hours and the next stop after the closest show is 9 hours away. Seeing UM when you live in the southwest is a chore. Should be easier in the Northwest where they at least try to make the tour legs reasonably driveable. I’ve only lived in Vegas a year and the cali run was cancelled anyway. Since 2017 UM has played 3 sets within 6 hours of Tucson and one was a trash festy set that I skipped after partying too much at a real show.

Side note Wiltern shows are a blast even with the gouging