Random, Spontaneous Thoughts about UM (Part 1)

A buddy of mine used to be good friends with KB back in the 90’s and Kevin had given him tons of old UM shows throughout the early years that he had burned on CD-R’s and wrote notes/setlists on. Also GHVIII and SFOW. He’s had them stored away in a Case Logic binder in his closet for years and last night he gave them to me bc he knew id fuckin love to have it. Pretty stoked to have these esp physical copies of GHVIII and SFOW. Very fuckin cool of him to give them to me!

Yeah, that is pretty cool. How many shows in there?

Haven’t counted, but i’d say prolly 15 or so

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We have the Front Porch set from 08-16-2003 and now 16 years later, we have the Ringo set.

I listened to both today back-to-back and it’s fun to see how far this band has come, from their first year with Myers and getting their improv legs, to where they are now, from the wide away of musical styles and transitions.

It was a treat to stream and get caught off guard that “this” was the improv set for the NYE run. Very inspired and excited to see what 2020 brings!

Random observation, seems like a guitar lick from “the fuzz” has popped up in a lot of shows this year.

I feel like Jake plays Floor licks a lot too

Jake plays the best on the ASAT

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Search 4 should be played more.


2019 has definitely solidified itself as an all timer year of UM if you ask me. I am trying to dial it back with seeing shows this year, so I’m kind of hoping 2020 sees them tone it down again lol

2018-2019 are both excellent years, the best since 10-11 for sure.

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Yep. I hate that it has become basically a once a year tune, such a shame.


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I’d agree with this. I wish he’d bring it out more.

I have an ASAT special (tribute) and I feel like it brings out the best in my playing, too. I feel like since it is simpler ( no floating bring, no jake blade, no PTB system) it encourages me to focus more on the notes I am playing instead “accessory stuff”.

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My ASAT is still the best guitar I’ve ever played. Love it so much

Studio version of Suxity just released on YT


Song is alright. Doesn’t really grab me

I dunno, I really like it. Very catchy, love the studio version.

Its growin on me, esp with this polished studio version w/o horns. Big fan of Jake’s solo on this one.