Has UM's popularity declined?

did you do this? or just some gonzo exploring around the compound


Not sure I get the appeal of this. Like, who cares if you are sitting in the same spot as a former drug addict?

Edit: I get the appeal of maybe visiting, but the paying 3.5k just to sleep in his house seems odd

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For an extra $500 you can jerk off in his bedroom


Has HST’s cabin’s popularity declined?


they leave out his type writer and a bunch of other writing supplies, amongst other personal belongings. I think it’s specifically geared towards writers who love HST.

less of an AirBnB situation and more of a “3 Nights at the Museum” thing


Just some gonzo exploring around the grounds. Didn’t know this was an option. Glad I didn’t lmao, my poor wallet. HST is what got me and my “wife” talking. Was dope to hang out at Woody Creek Tavern too. Only bad part was the altitude sickness. Wouldn’t wish that shit on the biggest UMs hater. Our airbnb was in Leadville, CO, it’s one of our favorite spots to vacation. Been there before. Totally fine. The following year? Thought my brain was gonna explode. Held it together to see Woody Creek n shit. Got passed by elderly folk on the short walk to the viewing point of independence pass. Seriously, fuck that shit. Spent over 100$ on oxygen cans until I could sleep and chill out a bit lower in Golden (for my first RRx run btw)


Shit, if it’s still a thing after I pay off the CRV and the Craig run…

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maybe should have had that tank you had with you a few days ago


Fair enough. Not sure paying 3.5k to write a stoney memoir that will never be published is the best career move, but all the power to them

Imaging some guy getting rejected by a publisher and just saying “but i wrote it in HST typewriter”

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website says they aren’t accepting visitors who haven’t already visited or have a reference of a prior visitor. HST’s wife runs the show, I’m sure they’re not doing massive volume these days.

Yeah I bought a set of peacock feathers from her for “wife” for Xmas last year. Came with anita’s sig as a cert of authenticity. Gotta find a nice frame for those things honestly.

Kinda bs there’s designated smoking areas in there though. Dunhills and Chivas lesgo

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I wonder if that would’ve helped me or sent me the fuck on lmao

Funny enough I have a buddy who lived there for like 6 months or a year