It really sucks that these guys abandoned jamming for more than 4-5 minutes. Feels like 2016 UM in here.

Good song selection though and sometimes I forget Rob is the best guitar player in the scene


They’re officially UM. Curfew was 12 and they ended at 11:10

Squeaky Feet is the only band that does it for me now in the jam scene @cshore @jazzprogfan @gking0525 @quickie_beats


Oh no.

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Told ya


The two set show I saw last year was lame too.

shoulda come to Nashua for the 17 min Onionhead and 21 min Nerds



Yeah, they seemed really impatient. The set they played was really different from what was on the list and they ended so early. I had fun and liked the room though, I’d definitely go back.

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Yeah looks like it was almost a songlist show. Liked the song selection but was a bummer to not see anything go deep on a weekday in nowhere VA

They played well, aside for a basic train wreck with a quick recovery toward the end of nerds

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Yeah I’m guessing that was a > into a new song that I don’t know but it was pretty abrupt

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lol I just remembered looking over mid-show and you were showing Mollie cat pictures. That’s the kind of show it was.


lmao that definitely happened. Fun show but just need more patience. Dopapod can get so far out there and I think they do that better than most bands. Take me back to fall 2021

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This is potentially my favorite Dopapod jam I’ve seen and it was from an opening set. Truly a good era for Dopapod as was 2022. Definitely seems like they’ve decided for a different approach this year

(actual favorite Dopapod jam though is probably the Freight Train > Nerds segment of Sinclair 2015 though)

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miss those Sinclair runs

Looks like they went a little deeper some the night before in Richmond. 19 min PiP FTW

Bailing on Chatt

5/9 - the grow :fire:
The → into French right after :woman_cook: :kiss:

There’s a bunch of good stuff in the handful of new shows. Just listened to the 5/20 Freight Train. :fire:

Nerds really good from this show as well. But damn this Freight Train