Awesome show last night. So glad these guys are actually back:

Agreed. Dopapod rules. Thanks for the recording!

Corona stream from the studio tonight

This Vol 3 is dope

Watched the reunion show for its 1 year anniversary last night. So glad we have Dopapod “back”

Can’t believe a year has already passed since then.

Seems like Courtyard Rye Mirrors Pro-Shot Afternoon was just yesterday.

They released the day-after storyteller set on youtube yesterday.

I ended up doing the podify subscription they had on bandcamp last year and now thanks to that I have like 300+ shows of theirs. Their 12/11/15 show is OUTSTANDING


Great segment from 12/9/17

French Bowling > Freight Train > French Bowling

Dance party central

This segment starts right after the 2nd set opener of 46 & 2.

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Oh shit. Guess I gotta enter the in person raffle

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Wook friendly dates :frowning:


Wednesday/Thursday in Philly? Meh I’m good

That’s pretty cool


They had to postpone the ardmore shows. Bummer

Any reason?

COVID travel restrictions to the Philly area

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I wonder if this will affect the scheduled Electron shows? Not sure if everyone being in Philly changes that or not. I’m all for restrictions and showing caution during COVID times, but this is pretty lame.

Ardmore sent out an email this morning promoting the electron shows right before the email postponing the Dopapod shows, so I’m assuming they’re concerned about band travel

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Good to know. I need any live/fresh content that I can get right now, so selfishly, I want these all to go on. I also don’t see much harm in allowing the Dopapod show to take place (assuming they follow safety protocols).

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