2023/01/26 - The Clyde Theatre - Ft Wayne, IN

01/26/2023 - The Clyde Theatre - Ft. Wayne, IN

Set I: Andy’s Last Beer, Make It Right, #5, Always October > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Women, Wine, & Song, Exit Signs

Set II: Hourglass > Plunger > Walletsworth, Dayville Monarchy > Sweetness > Intentions Clear > Miss Tinkle’s Overture

E: Bus Call, Bad Friday

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Bus Call - solo Bayliss piano, LTP 4-2-2011 UMbowl 2 Park West Chicago 1034 show gap, played for merch dude Sam Sutton bday


Always October jam is pretty good. Not where I’d expect that song to go

Intentions Clear has a nice little groove to it.

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Did Bus Call eventually become Loose Ends? The progression reminds me of something

I never noticed that but good call, totally sounds like it

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Like the looks of this setlist a lot. Hoping for a Spires (w/ jam) this weekend now.

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I didn’t really listen to the Raw Stewage set this year, this Exit Signs song is sick


I do love an Andy’s Last Beer opener.

Interesting looking show. Saving the :fuelpump: for Michigan this weekend. Wish I was doing GR > Detroit.


Above average song selection. Jams were good but no big standout for me. Zero flow to set one. First time Always October got a jam? Dayville Monarchy is such a boring song. I had no idea what Bus Call was… pretty cool bust out!

#5, IC, tinkles we probably my favorites

Already a great weekend and it’s just getting started! Venue was awesome!! We were super close and still had a ton of space.


Just listened. Nothing really to write home about here. Plunger had a promising start, but then fizzled. #5 probably the best of the show. Bottom 3 so far on this tour w/ BB and DC n2 IMO.

And +1 on liking Dayville Monarchy. I’m not exactly sure where it should be placed in a show, but I dig it. Jake’s soloing in it is some of my fav on recent songs.

think the highlight here might be…Always October?

Couple nice micro jams in this show overall


just started the plunger, but Always October was my favorite jam. although I did enjoy #5 and Tribute tho

I… really like this show? Plunger jam is fine and doesn’t meander and the > into wallets is cool. sweetness has a short but interesting jam with a solid > into IC

already mentioned I enjoyed the first set, I would’ve loved being at this show


Even though it wouldn’t have gotten the jam it deserves I’d prefer that original encore. Love me some Spires.

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The song rules plain and simple, really good combination of vocal performance and lyrics. Like, there is a real legit melody to the vocals, and the harmonies sound great from 2:40 - 3:40. This is definitely the best version yet.

I didn’t think much of this Always October jam. This song sounds so much like a Men at Work song and not in a good way. Tribute jam was good though. Talk about a criminally underplayed song.


If you want to hear as little of Always October as possible, the jam starts after the 4 minute mark

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I dunno, this show seems solid to me. Nothing huge but lots of jams throughout.

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