You Got I, I Got You Virtual Tour

Wanted to make a place to discuss the couch terr streams…

March 27 & 28: Dec 30-31, 2001, Electric Factory Philly, PA

April 3 & 4: March 24-26, 2005, Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

April 10 & 11: May 27, 2005 Sonar Baltimore, MD & July 23, 2005 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

April 17 & 18: March 11, 2006 Langerado, Sunrise FL & June 24, 2006 Ft Armistead Park, Baltimore, MD

April 24 & 25: December 20, 2006 Electric Factory, Philly PA & December 31, 2006 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ

May 1 & 2: June 26, 2007 Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA & December 31, 2007 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ

May 8 & 9: February 28-29/March 1, 2008 Starland Ballroom, Sayerville, NJ

May 15 & 16: May 29, 2009 Ogden Theater, Denver CO & May 30, 2009 Red Rocks, Morrison CO

May 22 & 23: February 20-22, 2014 Electric Factory, Philly PA

May 29 & 30: August 1, 2014 930 Club, Washington DC & April 24, 2015 State Theater, Portland, ME

I didn’t get a chance to stream the first 3 nights but I am doing the one at 8 tonight.

2005/03/25 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

Set 1: Spectacle, Vassillios> Story Of The World> Reactor1> Story Of The World, Hot Air Balloon

Set 2: Hope, 7-11> Astronaut, Stone> The Devil’s Waltz, Save The Robots

Encore: Floodlights> 7-11

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Besides the standalone Spectacle opener looks like some nice setlisting.

Haven’t heard a note of this show so very excited. Have probably only heard like a whopping 3 total 2005 shows.

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Vassillios > SOTW > Reactor > SOTW were the business. Damn.

Edit: :7-11 > Astro was pretty bonkers too. Solid robots to close it out.

Supes enjoyable. Wish I had the energy to stay up and watch 3/26.

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Still watching? 3/26/05. I haven’t heard this show before…didn’t look at the setlist and am really enjoying so far. With my homie rn who was at the show…he only remembers bits and pieces. We are enjoying the fuck out of this right now!

I remember when fakeout > safety dance is HOT right now

Babz playing rock candy and magz playing munchkin there for a sec? Now we’re back into RC…this is a fun show!!!

This dribble jam has some legit Air Song teases before it was even a song. God damn I’m having so much fun!

Best $10 I ever spent

Lol we just got ripped. Is anyone even awake with me to see this? 2nd set still had like ~25 min plus the encore. Just went into Mr. Don and the stream ended…hahahahaha wtf? Biscuits’d hard

Haven’t been streaming but I love your enthusiasm sjb. I’m a recent convert to the dark side but brot 4.0 needs more briskets

I’m a recent convert too. Resisted for years. Had homies try to get me into them and I had seen a couple shows (they were pretty bad to be fair), but it never really stuck. It took some serious digging…and me letting go tbh. Then the Asheville shows in '18 really sold me. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Couldn’t be more excited to have another passion. They are the best.

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I’ve said it so many times over the years, but the Biscuits are one of the best 4 piece (jam)bands out there, when they’re all dialed in. When they’re not, then it’s a totally different beast.

I go through serious waves of how much I listen to them. At times it’s very infrequent, but then there are also times when it’s still borderline obsession.

When they’re right, it’s the best shit out there.

I can’t wait for those ‘06-‘09 streams coming up in a few weeks. That may 1st & 2nd weekend of ‘07 shows is particularly intriguing. I’m fairly certain that I haven’t heard that June ‘07 show, so extra pumped to check that one out.

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Damn LOL that’s weird. I think link in your stash is good for 48 hours so hopefully you can watch that missing 25 minutes unless something is just wrong with the file they have.

June 26 2007 is a Tractorbeam show! It’s so good. Can’t wait to watch that one too!

Yeah, I am really stoked for that one! Still spin that show 1-2 times a month.

Ahh, yeah…now that u mentioned that it’s a T-Beam show, I’m fairly certain that I have heard it, but it’s been years. Definitely haven’t seen video of it though, so looking forward to that one.

Ya the T-Beam show is def on the PT best of 2.0 list for sure so I’ve you made your way through that at one time or another you’ve most likely heard it.

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Someone on PT ripped the 12/30 show.

Watched the first hour while on the bike… holy shit that Floes! I had totally forgotten how good it was. DAMN.

this guy has put up all the streams so far!


Asbury Park show was just uploaded.

Really hope these don’t disappear…