Worst Opener For Umphrey's?

I think it is tie between Stasik’s mom’s comedy set at Kalamazoo in 2008 or Andy Frasco and the UN at Red Rocks this year, which I skipped, but was subjected to a sit-in later that night. Thoughts?


I’ve seen some awful openers. Work Drugs (I think?), Rebelution, etc…

For me, it’s a tough call between three consecutive nights of Rebelution end of summer tour 2010 and the Eclectic Method set before Halloween 2011. Eclectic Method was so bad your could hear more boos than cheers at the end of their set.

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Michael Menert up there for my 130+ shows. I’m guessing that’ll potentially rustle some feathers around here. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over since I got there at doors to lock down a good spot.

UM is pretty damn good at booking openers

RC: has made it in time for the opener less than 5 times.

and like 3 of those times were Tauk and not by choice.


There was a lame ass John Mellencamp cover band at summer fest one year, I think 2013. That’s probably top of the list for me. Boombox was meh too.


The best opener I’ve seen would have to be the New Deal at Halloween in 2008 in San Francisco. That was my first night seeing Pretty Lights too as he played a late night with the New Deal in the Tenderloin. I saw Pretty Lights open for UM at the High Sierra 2009 late night too. That was my first time catching him with a live drummer. Killer show. But back to that Halloween show in 2008, the New Deal opener spawned my potentially favorite sit in of all time with Jamie Shields on the Triple Wide. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

andy frasco

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is this actually real


Yes. You can find her comedy online

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New deal in 2020 Detroit was nice too, except that was the worst drummer they’ve ever had

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Yeah man, I might have the date or show wrong, but Stasik is from Kalamazoo and his mom did indeed do a comedy set to open an Umphrey’s show at one point. I was there.

Pretty ballsy move of his mom to do that so I at least respect the hustle

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Brownies mom > Stasiks mom


Hannibal Burress is the GOAT Umphrey’s opener.


Z-Trip was horrible.

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Nah. Palmer Squares


Might’ve been 2010? It wasn’t 2008 because I was at the show and didn’t see um until 2009.

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