Worst Encores You've Seen

Dear Prudence at HSMF 2009 late night.


Set 1: Bright Lights, Big City > Andy’s Last Beer, Turn & Run, The Triple Wide, Plunger, Mail Package, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around > Bright Lights, Big City

Set 2: 1348, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft[1] > Pay the Snucka[2] > Much Obliged > Pay the Snucka[3] > Cemetery Walk II

Encore: Dear Prudence

[1] with TQ Funeral (original) jam
[2] part I
[3] part III

late night in the High Sierra Music Hall

Support : Pretty Lights


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Anytime they hit me with just a mashup.

At least give me “Song > short jam > mashup”


Valentines Day ‘16. Just ignition. Legit thought it was a joke

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One of the worst I’ve seen was 11/02/2013. After such an awesome 4 night run (arguably my favorite run I’ve done) a standard Bridgeless was a huge letdown.


Probably not the worst, but off hand since it was ten years ago today… 9/23/10 standard Reso > Ringo ending. Show was good overall but such a blue balls on that Reso.

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Shit was so damn weak lol

Was like 7 minutes with no jam just kinda forced it into the end of 1348 for like 30 seconds

I was at that show. Loved the Muscle Shoals cover at that one.

But c’mon y’all. It’s Muncie '08. Fucking terrible. It was like the worst karaoke rendition of Band on the Run ever.

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Encore: Panama

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I hate when they try to shove in the end of a song without any transition at all. Seems like it’s gotten more common the last few years

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As I was looking through some of my past shows I found this one: 1/7/12 Partyin’ Peeps > Hot for Teacher.

Those shows were so disappointing after the 2011 NYE run.

Something about the Utica shows.

Literally saw the worst show in 2011 an otherwise epic year. Didn’t see the band again until 2014 because of it. So happy I gave them another chance.

2016 Saranac was actually solid but encore was a bummer.

MoonTower Festival 2017, stand alone SOYCD. I was told before the show that it was going to be the encore and I was a grump the entire time because of it.

I don’t understand this. Like, yeah I get SOYCD being a set eater and taking up precious improv time. But UM encores rarely get any real improv anyway. I would take a standard SOYCD encore 10/10, especially at a fest. It’s a phenomenal song and UM nails it.

Also @jcubson it could def be worse than a standard bridgeless. That song bangs too


To each their own, I would rather jerk off with sandpaper than see UM play it again.

Lol sorry you let it ruin your show.

I’m down with a SOYCD cover too. It’s one of the tighter UM covers and it’s a top tier Pink Floyd song.


I never expect much from UM encores, but for me it’s got to be 9/14/2011- show was pretty special w/ all the rarities played and the tiny crowd, and after a hot 2nd set it was the standardest blueball Higgins you can get for the encore.

The amount of shit this show has gotten on various iterations of the bort over the years is legendary but I’ve never actually listened to it. Can someone tell me why this show was so goddamn bad? Was it surrounded by great shows? Did a whole lot of (at-the-time) borters go to this expecting a major throwdown? Overbearing venue security?

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It was actually an exceptional festival show, there was basically no one there so the playing was above par for what I expected…there was just this one part at the end, lol. Can’t win em all.

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100% Agree got a SOYCD encore 7/20/18. Absolutely no complaints.

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The venue was god awful and impossible to find. It was an auditorium on Ball State’s campus and it was hard as fuck to even find the building on campus. Walked in while they were mid-DBK even though we showed up plenty of time before showtime and found out afterwards I missed what would have been my first Water (so pissed about that at the time). Then we finally get to the venue looking forward to an adult beverage to find out it was a dry venue that served like…movie theater snacks. Just a super lame venue experience. Then the show was kind of sloppy in general. The setlist looks solid, but the show was not. Completely forgettable show. And then that garbage encore. Really tied the bow on a sour experience. Especially considering we drove all the way back to Cincy after the show was over. Such a letdown.