World Music Thread

Did @DiabetesCOLE ever start one of these?

Been listening to this

And it is such a fucking bop.

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I didn’t! But thanks for doing so. I’ll be posting in this a lot.

Been spinning a bunch of kikagaku moyo lately. Pretty psychedelic stuff.

Mdou Moctar is the man at guitar.

Ran cap Doui is some pretty cool exploratory Vietnamese music collective

Stoked to check out some of the recs in this thread once it gets going.

Afrobeat is a genre that I’ve been digging more and more over the last couple years. Ebo Taylor’s music is so damn cool. I have yet to explore his entire collection but this album is awesome:

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I’m gonna fluff the band Kinky once again, they are fucking awesome.

Another great Mexican band - this album is one of the best of the 2000s, seriously:

This album is also good:

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big fan of tinariwen


Yes duuuuude, it’s soooo good. One of the shows I was bummed most about being cancelled last year for me. I had a mdou>thom yorke>sturgill all in like a 8 day period

i asked a buddy for some guitar music reccs and he sent me this album and said “this dude is the african jimi hendrix” and i was sold.

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God damn you. Still not watching

In celebration of St. Paddy’s Day:

Iranian Funk

Brazilian Funk

I am getting DOWN to this song right now:

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Turkey born, London based musician Y Bulbul fucking roooooocks

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this song is a bop.

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Nigerian bop

Quick discussion/pet peeve: Native American music is usually considered world music, even though it’s the most American music there is, technically.

This track is :fire: