World Music Thread

Yes. What about Irish songstress Enya?

Good q - it seems that anything sufficiently assimilated into Western culture isn’t world music anymore. Depends on how traditional the Celtic is.

A garage rock band from Thailand would be world music, but a garage rock band from Australia wouldn’t?

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If the garage band from Thailand sings in English, is it still considered “world music”? William Onyeabor comes to mind. Is his Nigerian pop music considered world? Or just pop/funk?

This compilation is very chill

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This Brazilian bop is my fav

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Cross-posting Los Amigos Invisible from the :fire: funk and soul thread. Check em out.

This came on randomly today, and the intro is sampled on “Preben Goes to Acapulco” by Todd Terje.

Bopping to this right now


Bopping to this

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I forgot how good this song was