Winterr 2020

hour long crickets last night. shit was dope.

I thought that was one of the weakest shows since the fall/winter tour started, but crix and RC still jammed hard.

definitely wouldn’t argue. was around some of the worst people during the first set but luckily they bounced after setbreak.

Last night won’t be revisited all that much, but certainly had some highlights. That Nug was huge.

An odd amount of standalones on this run. Not sure how i feel about it.

really dug robots

Woah this set 2


Depending on how you count the tbeam section, 5 or 6 “songs” played, 2 of which were only half of the composed parts in a 97 minute set. Jams into and out of the tbeam jam were standouts.

biscuits, they’re good

What i caught of setv1 was fire. Lets see if i can stay awake for set 2.

Had a blast at the two FL shows I made it to. I didn’t know that Tractrobeam had turned into them jamming house songs. I’ve gotten really into house music the past couple of years, so this is a good thing for me. Barber’s tone sounds great right now. They’re jams are big and eventful. They’re killing it.

I’ll be at the Silver Spring shows. Reach out if you wanna hang.

Sorry for the new handle. Felt like changing things up.

I don’t really understand the TBeam hate, not so much here but FB groups I’m in. Chicago had 3 huge TBeam segments in every second set, which while somewhat predictable, they are still filled with improv and not just recycled jams.

Finally starting to listen back to the run and will post my thoughts.

Oh and Running is the best new song.

N2S2: 42>Running>Buddha is 54 minutes of top tier biscuits. I will backup on my tbeam statement and say the one that follows this segment doesn’t really ever get going. Regardless,anything after the above would pale in comparison.

I thought that tbeam jam is my favorite. Magners key line starting about 4:30 into the track on nugs is so catchy. That entire set is just top notch for these ears though.

True that first half is definitely solid. Regardless this was the set that was my favorite at the time and definitely holds up.

Its just not very biscuits’y to have a consistent formula in the same spot of the 2nd set for indefinite shows. They’ll need to come up with new house beats every month in order for this fad to not go stale. Everytime they do Todd Terje (ala chi n3 and 12 other times this tour) its literally the same section for 20 straight minutes. But yes, ones like Chi n2 and 12/27 can be great jam launchers and are amazing untz moments, but it will get stale. Theres no way around it. I’d give it a rest after this tour if I was them.

Honestly, I had scrolled through shows on nugs and a lot of them are notated differently. I just looked at PT setlists and it really is every single show in about the same spot. I’m with you Paw, hopefully they scale it back after this tour and use it just like they would a song that hasn’t been played for a shows or something.

Except chi n3 wasn’t terje lol

The fact the tbeam type improv is now safely occurring in normal improv spots means the mid set 2 placement should hopefully be coming to an end.

I’m with Paul. The TB “jams” are stale.

That said, if this is what is getting the band happy again, great.