When was your first show?

Spinning the Biscuits at work right now in anticipation of next week’s trip to Denver and I was just curious when everyone’s first Biscuits show was.

Mine was 8.5.06 on a small stage at Lollapalooza. One of the other rail riders was hassling the guitar tech and ended up flipping over the railing cutting his head open. He came back up front after getting rescued by security and was bleeding profusely as we danced around him. It was my third time eating acid at 18 and a hell of a first experience. Don’t think I’ve every heard a recording of the show but Crystal Ball was stuck in my head all weekend. Fun times in Grant Park. Appreciated the gel tabs from some dude named Circus.

What’s was your first time like?


1/18/08… third jam show ever. Got pretty twisted, don’t remember much other than them playing Caterpillar in the second set. I looked over at my buddy that went with me and remember saying “i can’t want to go to a festival with you…”. I still haven’t done a fest with him.

7/13/07 would have been my first but I couldn’t find a ride; so UM and the best L I’ve ever eaten did the trick quite nice.


Mine was 5-30-98 at Northwestern Armadillo Day, in Evanston, IL. We went to that little event in ‘97 as well, which had Leftover Salmon & MMW. The ‘98 has Biscuits & Michael Ray & The Kosmic Krewe, then the headliner was Sugar Blue. I can’t recall the all that much of the set list, as I was still super new to DB, but remember Radiator, MEMPHIS & Shem Rah Boo…they had the plug pulled during Shem, because Sugar Blue was waiting to start on the other stage. There were tapers there, but I’ve never seen a recording pop up.


I honestly can’t remember. Were they at Rothbury in 2009?


Yeah…I was living in Boulder at the time and decided instead of heading back to the Mitten to go to California for High Sierra because it was Biscuits x 2 plus Umphreys x 2 instead of just one Biscuits show. Very good times on the the West Coast - I’m trying to hit that festival again this summer since they are making their return and I want to support any West Coast dates the band is willing to give us at this point!



None of my friends gave a shit about stuff like this or any of the other “clown music,” as they called it, that I’d developed a taste for in the couple of years leading up to it. So it ended up being the first concert I took myself to.

I stumbled upon them one night during a rare times I spent on the family computer. Was trying to grab some Phish from Audio Galaxy, and they had a recommendation feature based on what you were downloading. So I started grabbing random tracks. Not even full shows or full sets. I didn’t even know they were a four piece band. Had no clue what instruments they’d play. Wasn’t sure how much of it was electronic.

I was 20. Some older chick bought me a drink. I went and smoked a roach from my ashtray during set break. Had to be less than 300 people there. Brownie’s mom was there and chatted with me for a few minutes. Marge is a nice lady. Her and her friend probably had the most fun out of anybody there.

The music was tight. Not the best show but I dug it and they turned into the band I listened to the most over the next few years after I found LMA and biscoradio.


Wakarusa 2010. Mirrors opener.


Pretty sure it’s Rothbury 2009. I was tripping pretty hard. Had my mind blown. I felt like the stage was an alien ship flashing lights to communicate with me, like that helicopter strobing to the alien ship in Independence Day.

It should have been 7/19/07 but I was a huge puss who couldn’t handle my alcohol. I got pretty drunk during the UM set and was too beat to hit the Biscuits show. I still have much regret over that.


2008/06/05 BUFFALO


first show, i was a junior in high school visiting my brother who was a senior at penn state. every year penn state held a earth day celebration weekend with music, vendors, etc. it was the first time I found out about NORML. the day before, my brother and i went to gettysburg college and saw moe. who i had already seen a few times and was completely enamored with. but on sunday the 19th, i caught my first tDB and SCI shows. SCI blew me away and I’d see them three more times that year, a few of those shows with my dad. tDB caught my attention, but didn’t fall all that hard for them. i’d go on to see tDB two more times in 1998, once in 1999, then i was done with them until 2005.



Hub Lawn, Penn State University - State College, PA

With String Cheese Incident and One World Tribe

S1 M.E.M.P.H.I.S., Little Betty Boop > Little Shimmy In A Conga Line, My Lady Survives, Morph Dusseldorf, Aceetobee, Barfly


Set One

Mouna Bowa, How Mountain Girls Can Love > Hey Pocky Way, Hold What You’ve Got, Blackberry Blossom¹ > Come As You Are Jam¹ > Blackberry Blossom¹, The Chicken¹, Round the Wheel¹ > Drums > Texas¹ > A Love Supreme¹ > Texas¹ > Johnny Cash¹


The Road Home¹, San Jose¹


¹ with Paul McCandless on sax

my third show (8/29/98) featured brownie walking through the crowd selling uncivilized area CDs after their set. he was a dick to me when i told him ‘no thanks’. he was pushy, and tried again to sell me one after i said no. at this point, nearly 25 years later, i dont remember the details of the interaction, but it definitely put me off.


Either 5/19/07 or 1/16/09


Langerado Late Night 2006-03-10

Enjoyed it, wasn’t sold.

Saw the conspirator late night 2 nights later and fully jumped on board.


8/27/05, Sammy’s “last show” at Camp Bisco IV in Van Etten NY.


6/30/07 on the DUMB tour. Went in having not heard a note of either band. I got there late, I think during the I-Man because Bayliss joined for a sit in shortly after. I was left with an impression that they were all nerds because Brownie wore a beret and Bayliss had his glasses on.

My first full proper show was 4/19/08. It was the second of two nights at the Georgia Theatre but I only made this one. First set was three songs, set break was insanely long, and the second set included a Nughuffer story where Brownie encouraged everyone to blaze up. They were playing the Orange Peel the next night and he knew he couldn’t do it there. This was a blast and probably still my favorite show of theirs that I’ve seen.


Fuck yah that was the one that made it click. I’ll always remember festival security driving a John deer loaded up with confiscated tanks from the RV lot.

I’ll always remember that weekend too bc of my felony and two misdemeanors :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

God that festy was such a shit show. My first and only Bisco show. We camped right by the GDF in overflow camping and it was hell.

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I was glad I got MainStage camping but yah for my first fest it was fucking wild. Getting out of jail on Sunday and eating a 5 strip and going to John Butler was pretty tight. Fuck that heat though. That was awful.


Shit was so much fun! Can’t wait for dumb ter again


25 year anniversary, wonder if a recording exists out there. at the time i felt that the ominous seapods and the zen tricksters were the sets of the day - but i’d love to go back and give this tDB show a listen


Jam on the River, 2006. Don’t remember a thing about the show and haven’t listened back. I was more excited to see Ween and the Duo that weekend.

I think I saw them a few more times in college but maybe not? The next shows I distinctly remember attending were the lolPlanetAnthem release run at the E-Factory and then 8/25/2010.