What's Up with Nugs.net?

I was looking for some new tunes to download, and Nugs.net only has like 2 shows since March of 2020, and those are just studio recordings?

Are they uploading shows to a different place now?




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No, not UM

Bisco. Where are the Bisco shows???


@jachapman If this is your first post on the newbort then potential POTY, right here. Hahahaha

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I’m most proud that 3 people clicked on the nugs link so far hoping that there was a deeper layer to this topic.


Hahahaha glad to see you back.

I think they’re on Myspace now

Real talk tho, anybody unable to log in on the app after the update?

Desktop still works fine…

My app was being really weird for a day or two after I updated, it would only play the first 8-9 minutes of any track. Deleted, downloaded again and seems to be fine now.

I’ve tried a few times and it hasn’t done the trick.

Fuck this garbage ass company. Phone works fine but my desktop player won’t work on any browser I try.

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@jwelsh8 UM should have an in-house streaming app and hire me and @ass to build it once this Rona shit eases up and loot starts Rollin again


I just went to their mobile site and was unable to find a pricing tier without registering, how much is the jamband stream package with um and biscuits and all that good stuff?


Spotify is better.

So we build an app and charge 7 a month, get about 3.5k subscribers, and then team UM adds an asset generating an extra half mil every 5 years, which will take about 1.5 years to pay for initial investment

No brainer let’s do it

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For Nugs? Goodness, I pay just about that for a family plan of Google Play Music (YT Music) and can listen to pretty much every album ever released, just not much in the way of shitty soundboards of 3rd tier drug bands though.

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Think of difference in scale though. Not saying it’s a good deal or bad, but Google play music (which I believe is actually folding) is serving millions and millions of people. They own their own cloud infrastructure, etc etc.

And they are selling your data to advertisers to curate and target you specifically, which is another huge revenue booster that helps them provide things for cheaper or free

It’s not folding, they are simply transitioning to the YouTube Music format.

I get your point of economies of scale, however.

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