Welcome Everyone!

Hello fam. This migration has been a real pain in the ass. I still have all our data from the last spot here:

We may have to rebuild a lot of this communally, especially all the chit chat threads and what not. My primary focus is the setlists currently, which I will be able to move over. I also have all the data of every post and topic in CSV format, so we may be able to figure out something along those lines in a few weeks.

All in all, this has turned in to a much more complicated ordeal than i anticipated, i probably have 100 hours in to this, but this is the community where we will live indefinitely. It has all the bells and whistles. Enjoy

Start making all the chit chat and other threads, UM Discussion and Setlists will be open for new threads in a couple weeks. Have fun.


Woo! Glad to see this is up and running. Appreciate all the hard work. I’ll definitely hit the Venmo.

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Root, thank you so much!

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Hi everyone—this is bort 4.0? Thanks for setting this up!

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More like Bort 4.1

Thanks for the news root! Any chance we can turn off the char minimum?..


Nice to be back. Gotta have that UPMH!!

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Heyoooo. Thanks for all the hard work root.

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Sup peeps! Thanks a ton, Root. Stoked to be here.

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I haven’t been posting much or been nearly as active as I should but the bort has brought some of the best people and experiences into my life, not to mention all the music!! Cheers to you Root, thanks for all of your hard work!



Yoooo thanks @root

New decade new handle; y’all know me as “humpfreez”

thank you for the invite… ned to connect with the phreaks for beacon night one :slight_smile:

Try clearing your history if it is giving you problems @KingCon . Right now it might be a little funky too because I am slamming it with API requests. I actually just flooded it and it shut down for a little bit. I since have slowed my script down. If you notice the setlists and UM discussion are all populating right now, so it could be cookies or the migration that is giving you a hard time

Thank you. Thought it might be dns (have seen dns resolution issues act like this before) but it just magically came back on mobile. Maybe just happened to try to hit it on the phone while it was down

full disclosure there is a minor DNS issue going on until next week.

Basically what happened, I was rebuilding the site over and over trying to get the data to migrate, with varying degrees of success…

I didn’t consider while I was doing it that it was issuing a SSL cert renewel every time. I hit my rate limit and am not allowed a new cert until next week.

Earlier today, there was SSL, and if people visited the site then their browsers noticed it…and generally when a browser sees something used to be SSL encrypted and isn’t anymore, it panicks for security reasons.

But since the Bort has existed for over a decade without SSL, I figured we could forego it one more week. Better to have an insecure New Years party than no New Years party at all amirite?

Thank you for getting this up and running. Lots of good people around these parts. Happy New Year everyone!!

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assuming this was an access problem. I’m only able to access on safari for some reason. Chrome doesn’t seem to work on mobile or comp

gotta clear histories and cookies, this issue should all be resolved next week when we have our new SSL cert.

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The site loads fine on mobile with Firefox and Chrome for me, but it doesn’t appear to load on desktop. But looks like Root is all over this and it’ll clear up next week.

100 hours? Hot. Damn.

You’re the fucking man, root. Can’t wait to start seeing some familiar faces start rollin in here