Venues Umphrey's Will Never Play Again

It’s the same deal as the Chicago theater. Expensive room and they don’t want to give up profit

I’ve lost count of how many spun out wooks have ran on stage during um shows. Jamband crowds blend together and any slight differences between bands like um and bisco aren’t really that noticeable to normies. Plus there seemed to be a few stories of um fans throwing beers and being overall disrespectful in Iceland this year. I think any bisco fans that can afford a trip like that will be on par with the ones who went to um this year.

I still have yet to see a Hilton sign with rockhands on it so I still think Biscuit fans are a different breed. I mean, those Calvin shows in 2009 had someone drive their car into the side of a motel iirc. Umphrey’s fans eating enough drugs to do that IMO.

That was fake and made by bisco fans as a joke.


I’ve never heard that but I’ll take your word for it. And now that I think about it, didn’t the Biscuits return to the Auditorium Theater in 2011 during that New Years run?

I think they’ve been back there on a few different occasions. Both bands are banned from plenty of venues, it would be hilarious to make a list of venues and why they got banned. Bisco fans get way too spun or K rocked and um fans tend to get way more drunk and destructive. Traverse City in 2009 is a good example. Sucks when noobs can’t handle their drugs or booze or just act like a destructive asshole for no reason.


And to think I missed that show. It definitely was a bad look.

Top Five show I’ve seen…

at the concord winter show in 2014, everybody was either grooving or in a hole. some dude face planted right in front of me and some k wook princess cradled him and whispered sweet nothings into his ear