Venues Umphrey's Will Never Play Again

Terrapin Crossroads…

Glad I went in 2017. Still pissed they cancelled not one but two shows over the last two years though.

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Chicago theater
Aud theater

It sucks that my hometown venue is run by complete scum

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Maybe if Umphrey’s were acclaimed musical artists the staff would treat them better.

Fucking bummer. I always enjoyed going up there for random shows because it’s such a pleasant experience. Especially since they built up the outdoor area. Really surprised they’re closing down because they were always busy and charged a real premium for their shows (for the most part).

Nah it’s everybody. IIRC there was an article with Vanessa Carlton complaining that the Calvin was a dump run by assholes

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I was kind of trying to make a joke…

Northern lights or whatever they changed the name to now.

Once upon a time we thought the boys would never play the Boston HOB again and that has clearly changed…

Couple of pieces from the fart history archives right there

Shedd Aquarium

NPR Mountain Stage

713 Notre Dame Avenue

When’s the last time they played the can-o-pee?

October 2018

RIP Higher Ground shows. I’d love to be wrong but not sure they’ll ever play there again. So many good times there…

I’d guess it’s still a small possibility, but who knows

Apparently only the indoor part is closing. Sounds like the outdoor venue is going to remain in operation. Somewhat bittersweet, but I do like the outdoor venue quite a bit more.

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