Seeing them again in Dallas in a few weeks. Hopefully 7empest gets added into the setlists.

They partially covered “A Passage to Bangkok” last night, in honor for Neil Peart.

They also played 2112 over the PA at the end of the encore.

Lateralus the song (and album) are just masterpieces. That is all

Another killer Tool show last night in Dallas. Some new visuals and lighting from the last leg as well

Of course Tool debuts 7empest in Australia.

Holy shit finally

In for Charlotte. Tix are expensive as hell.

Yeah. Almost as much as Rage. Might pass. New material isn’t that great and it’s the same set as the past 15 otherwise.

Last time they played Charlotte four years ago I paid above face at $149 for a floor ticket. With fees, my face value middle tier seat was more than that for this show. Granted, it is a different venue.

I have 3 tickets for sale for Minneapolis if anyone’s interested. I had a friend surprise me with better tix. Section 212. Let me know friends

I paid $144 for floors in GR. Can’t pass up a Tool show 5 minutes from my house though. No regrets pham.

Got a great dead center floor ticket for OKC. Excited for my 11th Tool show! Worth every penny for me

I was trying to see tool from like 2005-2019, just never had an opportunity to or the cash on hand. I feel very fortunate to have seen them (after this upcoming tour) 4 times in 13 months

I’m sure everyone knows by now, they have postponed the rest of the tour without rescheduling any dates yet.

Would have been seeing Tool on Long Island this Saturday… so sad.

Today would have been the Charlotte show

Sorry guys. Seeing tool is such an experience. I hope they reschedule on some weekends for God’s sake.

I had tickets to Madison and Minneapolis shows. Pretty bummed. Seeing them live is such an experience

Fear Inoculum is holding up very well for me. Still listening to it a good amount and not getting tired of it.

  1. Lateralus
  2. Aenima
  3. Fear Inoculum
  4. 10,000 Days
  5. Undertow

It’s easily my least favorite album of theirs.

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I’m still listening to Fear Inocolum at least a couple times a week. Absolutely love it.