The Phish Quiz

During these socially distanced times, i’ve been putting together a bi-weekly game night for my friends. This past week I did something that has been spinning around in my head for a while, The Phish Quiz. It was a 5 round affair covering multiple choice, fill in the blank, audio, and price is right bidding style questions. It went over great and one person in my group was crowned “The Phish King”.

Instead of just locking this away, I wanted to see if there was a group on here that would want to take it. We would need 5-8 people with a reasonable knowledge of the band and are willing to get together on zoom to run it.

Chime in if you’re interested

Definitely not.

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Got it. There’s some big phish heads on the bort, just seeing if there’s some that would want to take this. Paging @jwelsh8

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I could give it a shot. Not sure how well I will do, but why not!

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sounds fun. when are you thinking about doing it?

Whenever, it’s more about getting a group together that wants to do it, then we’ll figure out a time.

Id get slayed by some of the heads on here but im down

Not the biggest Phish guy, but I’m in as well

I would be down

Well that’s 5. Let’s see if anybody else wants to join them we’ll figure out scheduling this shendig.

How does everyone’s schedule look next week? Let’s pick a weeknight, start it between 9-10 pm est. Should take about 45 min.


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Yeah im still down. Will totally 100% get rocked but im in lol. Any day past 9pm est is good for me

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Maybe after dinner and a movie tuesday night?


Not a bad idea since it’s a shorter show this week

Alright, everyone down for tomorrow night after Dinner and a Movie? Should be around 10 est. @ApostropheTH @jwelsh8 @cryan024 @UMFree @StoneJackBaller

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in, and probably will not win…

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Let’s go

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As of now you have a 1 in 5 chance…

As for the quiz, I’d recommend you being in a computer, though you can make it work on a phone. I’ll PM you a zoom link, you’ll need to join to play. I’ll be sharing a PPT with the questions, and for one round switching over to another program to play audio clips. I’ll walk you through how to play each round, it’s all pretty easy (I have some computer challenged friends and they all did fine). One little hint I will give is that the quiz is more focused on their studio output, not live versions.

Good luck!