The Goose Is Loose

The age range of the crowd is pretty impressive. I feel like i saw everything from HS kids to 70+ year olds

Couldnt get a feel for crowd vibes really. Was nice to not hear many chompers, but also saw wooks going down

SCI “vibe” is what has always turned me off of that band, so if Goose is similar i could see that being a buzzkill for other people who arent about the mega-hippie BS

When I was in Vegas with my aunts, one of them was like I like goose, then I went on a mini rant while drinking expensive pool sides drinks that she paid for. But hey, liking goose got my cousin into jam bands and he’s on his way to becoming a wook after going to electric forest, so I’ll steer him right one of these days

Dont subject him to modern UM

Or he could play some of this year and last year, and go backwards to about 2013 and so on. They’ll get better if you go backwards.

I meant dont take him to modern UM shows thinking that will be an awakening for a non-UM jamband fan

I mean, anything jam related is an awakening for him. He grew up in California but goes to college in MI now so were closer and easier to meet up. I am bringing him to chicago gizz tho. Excited for my first show with him to be a rager

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people shit on 2016, but literally every show I saw that year was pretty fire

Madison x2
Des Moines
Red rocks x 2
NYE run x3

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Goose doing some wild type 2 shit right now, very cool

Extended Flowdown intro. Not bad.

Goose has some fugly rail riders.


Not knowing what it was, that flodown was a ton of fun

Couple snoozers, but a good show so far

@cryan024 you must listen to the Hungersite when the boards are up. Probably my favorite thing I’ve heard them play.

I am not sure i am at the point where i am listening in my free time. Havent relistened to a note of any of the shows i have seen, or really any nugs shows in general. Will let the lady know though. I know she said she listened back to the STL show we saw at work the other day

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If you listen and don’t like the jam I will Venmo you $5

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I don’t like it, send me 500 please.


I stand by it the Hungersite jam from last night is 20 minutes of great music

Song sucked. Venmo me


This was a cryan only offer sorry homie

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I’ll say this about it - it doesn’t sound like every other Goose jam.

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