The Goose Is Loose

This was me on shrooms at frog brigade when the played animals. I felt very connected to the energy


You should go to a night of Phish at United Center. You would probably love it.


And how about that venue? First time there, what a vibe

I wasn’t at goose. Only streamed a bit. But I have been there and it’s rad. Also, come to phish at United

Okay I’ll look into it.

If anything I might be able to make the 15th work, but I’ll have to see. Used up my vacation for Tool on 11/1 and UM NYE

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when they first came around in 2018 I enjoyed their covers. Electric Avenue, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, The Pina Colada Song…

was curious so I checked out this Detroit Electric Avenue. Unbelievably slow, I don’t even know what they’re thinking

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Well I’ll see ya at both of those shows then. So fucking pumped for tool

Same last show on Halloween 2019 was insane

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One of my favorite posters I have too.

That show means a lot to me. I was on acid and was dealing with a lot of shit at the time. Then the played anema and I was able to let go of most of the shit that was bringing me down

That was also the show that tool clicked for Leah. Then we drove back to Madison and I watched Godzilla:king of the monsters. The next day I drove up to my best friends and saw the lighthouse. It was a good weekend


Giving them a shot (for the first time) in a couple of nights. Very curious to see how it’ll land (suspecting similar to many of y’all)

For reference: have probably listened to about 2 hrs (tops) of goose cumulatively up to this point

Fortunately it’s at an insanely killer venue (red butte amphi) so it’ll be a fun night regardless of how good or bad they are

I intentionally kept my knowledge/familiarity to a minimum so that I could judge them based on the live experience. I’m glad I did. Wasn’t blown away, but was certainly into chunks of the show. I have to agree with the sentiment of them being a Phish ‘light’ band, but some of their stuff landed pretty well with me. Not terribly original, but I enjoyed the show/crowd. Can do way worse in the jam band world for sure.

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This is a Goose board now


No way bro. This board is for our lord and savior


I felt this too, there was a moment right when the harmonized guitar solo in dogs started where the crowd seemed like a giant wave

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  • First set opened a bit slow - which might have been fine for diehards who knew/apprecaited the song but for us first time honkies left something to be desired energetically disregard this - just relistened to the show opener and it was pretty hot

  • didn’t take long, however, to get into some good shit. Both sets had several quality jams that I really dug.

  • Def highlight for me was the cover of Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo. Song was well done and the jam was sick. 25 mins in total, I believe.

  • Not strictly a bad thing, but: Rick solos sounded SO much like Trey. Yes, some of my thinking was probably influenced by hearing so many people before me say it. So I initially brushed it off. But I listen to a LOT of Phish and I just couldn’t help but continue to think that every time he fired away on a solo.

  • the jams in general somewhat sounded like phish. but it also had a lot of distinctly different/unique sounds as well. Nothing nearly as close as the rick guitar tone/solo.

  • wasn’t massively impressed by the bass player or the drum lines. Could have been the result of several factors (song selection, what I was choosing to pay attention to, etc.) so not really making a long-term judgement.

  • Overall their songs seem way poppier than I generally prefer. And the few times we heard the autotune I really didn’t like it.

  • Goose fans are rabid.

  • Goose fans do indeed yell “Goooooooose” after every song. @opsopcopolis and I assumed everyone was just boo-ing them (a la “We’re Primus and we suck”) so we just obliged and boo’d them after every song as well.

  • Perhaps the only thing more cringeworthy than the booing was Peter dancing facing out towards the crowd and playing keys with his hand off to the side. It was kinda weird and contrived. But not truly hatin’ - just not my style. Maybe if y’all are lucky, Ben will upload the video he took.

Bottom line: I enjoyed the show quite a bit and would see them again if they were in my neighborhood.


Haha! Love this review. I was sad to have to miss the UM SLC show and this Goose show because of work/family commitments. Next time, it would be fun to hook up with you and @opsopcopolis. I live in Logan.

Actually, one of my bands, Tanglewood is playing at the cabin in Park City, UT tomorrow night. It’s a rock, jamgrass sort of band that’s been around forever. Should be a good time.


Damn, if I hadn’t already pushed with the “wife”/newborn and all the shows this last week I’d definitely be there. Fun little room

No worries. Got to be there for the “wife”, especially after weekday shows.

Yeah. The cabin is a blast. Last time we played there I had a free pass to Deer Valley. I over did it on the beers and had a hell of a time trying to ski double fall line bumps. Still fun though.


I too am kinda in family commitment mode tomorrow night. But would be very psyched to catch y’all down the road.

And yes - SLC bort gang growing :facepunch:


This is hilarious