Summer Tour 2024

Rumors, places UM still needs to hit, etc?

Obviously some more CO dates around Red Rocks. Summerfest before Electric Forest. Texas and SE dates I’m sure.

I hear hiatus


Louisville please and thanks!

Summerfest - Milwaukee

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My sources are telling me


Who cares?

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The biggest buzz kill of summer tour.


I’m going to go, but my expectations are at an all time low.

I feel like they’ve played some really good shows there. So maybe there is some hope…

There is always hope! I’m just not going to go expecting a barn burner. My first show was at summerfest, so it will be special to see them there again.

I try really hard not to have any expectations anymore. So I get it. Ironically, two of my favorite jams (Domino 14 and junk 16) came from this fest.

Can probably expect the usual august indy/louisville/tennessee/somewhere in ohio summer run

They like Indy, Louisville, Birmingham plus another show typically…maybe Asheville

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‘14 had a great Domino Theory and the year it poured there was a pretty nice Junk. Usually above average for your typical one set show but nothing amazing.

I am not saying it will be good or bad, but even as one of the bigger UM haters around here i will say they have always treated the Summer Fest shows like a regular show

Wouldnt be surprised if BB’s view has changed a bit since their last one, but they have had some awesome shows there in the past

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Moonlite Gardens :crossed_fingers:t3:


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Might be the final time

Gerald ford dead at 84 today due to being eaten by a pack of wolves

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