Spring Tour 2024

Biscuits announced April dates today so KB & Co. better release Umphrey’s full spring dates soon to get their piece of the pie.

4/24 Burlington, VT
4/25 Burlington, VT
4/26 Boston, MA (UMBowl)
4/27 Boston, MA (UMBowl)
5/17-18 Greenbelt Music Festival
5/24-26 Solshine Reverie

Rumors from Joel tweets…

Louisville in 2024
Milwaukee in 2024

Probable Desitinations…

New Orleans

More NE dates?

Post the deetz if you got them.

Cough* @bluish *Cough


I heard they are only doing multi night stands in Jacksonville, San Antonio and Phoenix all year to build up their fanbase in these growing markets.


See ya never!

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But it was sooooo rad.

They’re announced through end of April. That’s it for spring. Fest or two in may, then the normal summer bullshit

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They have no shows for a month after 3/24 in SD until 4/24 in VT so there could be 3-4 shows somewhere in between potentially.

Pretty typical for them, especially after 2-3 months of hard touring

Yea there is gonna be a run In april

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Yeah its great they should def play it again but it aint happening next year

finally decided they play CO too much?

idk nuthin

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Would be nice if they played a KC or Lawrence show leading into that Iowa fest date.

That would make sense… so they’ll probably do some fest in OH instead lol

Edit: I only poke fun because sometimes… as we all know, they make “throw some darts at a map” runs at times

So is this April run going to include Texas or Florida or neither?

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So it looks like my Austin hiatus will now extend eight plus years.

MKE run would be sick. I’d prob try to attend.

Also I hope they do Vail again. The RR run with Vail and Dillon was fun the other year. I think I’d prefer Vail over Dillon tbh


This is totally unrelated, but what’s the deal with holidaze? We getting that again in 24?

trip post: guessing red rocks will be june 21, 22?