Spafford - Take It Into Double Time!

Is anyone else going to NYE? I’m FIRED UP! NYE is going to be their 10th anniversary show. Interesting that they decided upon SF for NYE instead of their hometown.

I’ll be there both nights! I was actually looking forward to playing disc golf down in Phoenix with some of the Spaffnerds. Oh well, golden gate park it is!

That’s a nice course.

Wolman’s Brother fakeout last night is hilarious. How has the run been?

Solid two shows. They ended up playing Wolfman’s tonight as the second set opener. Too many covers tonight but they jammed them out well. Think 12/30 was better overall as a result.

Listened to bits and pieces of the NYE run. Aliens > ALS seems really strange and anticlimactic… Didn’t realize they’d been doing this for a few years in a row now. Kinda weird IMO, would much rather have a jam leading up to the midnight peak.

stoked for the TX run next week!

Think I’m on board for first 2 nights of Brooklyn Bowl. Went from barely having the motivation to check them out at a hometown show last year to now I’m actually taking a day off work and getting an Airbnb to do 2 shows. Great band

With you on this. Found it very strange. However, the show overall was pretty damn good. Very cover heavy, but the jams were still mostly on point. Though I haven’t relistened yet.

Getting excited for the Atlanta shows at the end of the month. Might try to do the Tuesday Birmingham show too depending on my work schedule.

Ok anybody here doing any of these 9 CO ski town dates?

Talk me in/out of any of them


That run looks dope. That’s so many CO shows. Too close to UM west coast tour for me though.

I’m definitely doing both Frisco nights. Everything else is TBD at this point. Might try and make Winter Park Saturday night happen too.

ill be solo at the austin show and then plus 2 in dallas. excited for the shows. first time seeing spaff without UM.

word. yeah we are discussing Frisco and also considering heading down to Telluride for a little getaway. been a while since i’ve been down to the San Juans… sure is purdy down that way.

Just got around to listening to the New Year’s run. Very solid imo. It’s a Bunch from 12/30 is a must listen. The NYE show is really good especially for having so many covers. Dirtbath and ETS are standouts. The ETS jam and segment is my highlight of the run.

Fucking love these guys so much.

Spafford will be streaming set 2 of 12/30/19 on Youtube tonight at 9 pm ET:

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Free stream tonight from Austin starting at 10 pm central:

1/15 Dream Jam > My Road is hot fire🔥

1/17 Lonely and Postman are the TRUTH!