Sigma Oasis Talk (New Album)

The boys just announced that tomorrow night, April 1, at 9 pm, they will be hosting a listening party of their new album Sigma Oasis.

Yes I realize that it’s April Fools Day and this band is known to fool.

Can’t wait to hear more dad rock! JK hopefully not. This is cool news though.

I think it’d be too cruel of an April fools joke with what’s going on all around us. Has to be true.

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Yeah they are wizard level trolls, but I highly doubt any fuckery or prank. Going to try my best to go in with an open mind and not hate it immediately!

probably a troll, don’t new albums always come out on fridays?

Typically but there’s nothing stopping an artist from releasing something whenever they want

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Tonight is the listening party, heard that the album will officially come out on Friday

It would be so savage if this ends up being a prank. I’m kinda all for it, Make Phish Evil Again.

Still gonna opt for the Spafford stream instead.

Does phish make worthwhile albums?

Does phish do anything worthwhile?

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Not anymore

Should have watched the stream last night. That second set was FIRE.

I did. Nah

You didn’t find that second set compelling at all? You just don’t like Phish, man.

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Phish hasn’t made a good album since Undermind :woman_shrugging:

Amount of fucks given: :zero:


Now this I agree with.

Idk what’s worse, if this is an April Fool’s joke, or if it’s not


So is it gonna say hold on tight for an hour? April fools day joke? Gotta be. But they’ll make up for it with a stream or something this weekend.

Edit: proven wrong

Give me the bort summary of this masterpiece

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I bet it sucks. Heard Mercury is on it though. That’s pretty dope.