SF JOTY 2022

Minuswell kick off the new sub with a JOTY discussion

Not including the full set Tunnel my favs are probably 4/24 Pantomime and second Shovel

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Secretly the answer is actually the 4/21 Tunnel Vision

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Forgot how good this one was

To anyone looking to dive into our jams, these are my favorite 10 of the year so far. All of which are of course available to listen to on our bandcamp :slightly_smiling_face:

Tunnel Vision 4/14

Progress 4/15

Shovelware 4/16

Wanderer 4/16

Robot Run 4/20

Tunnel Vison 4/21

Robot Run 4/24

Shovelware 4/24 (2nd jam, starts around 31 minutes in)

Pantomime 5/21

Little Bit Further 5/21

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4/24 show should just be the 2022 HOF


SF is the new Phish!

The Doniac Schvice

Can we notate the ATH teases from @cshore in 4/24 Shovelware around 18:30

4/20 Robot is still fave SF jam and top 3 any band for 2022. Maybe even favorite.

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Definitely one of my favorites. Nothing like wasting 20 minutes straight of an hour long set on a jam

I also love Brian’s sax solo at the end of that one

It’s the dagger IMO. I remember you saying you tried to BB him too.

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lol yeah, it’s a question of “milk this jam longer and lose time to milk the next jam” or not

(also I hate jamming)



This is our most underrated potential JOTY imo. I don’t think anyone really listened to this particular show but this jam from like 12:00-34:00 is one of my favorites we’ve done. Super melodic, patient and vibing 2 section jam. Even better that this was played at like 6:30pm to five people in a weird random town

Yeah this jam is great. Think I’m catching some Shovelware teases around 10:30

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You are more perceptible than Jimmy, who played those teases with me and later asked me what song that was


That’s so Jimmy


7/29 Come Back could definitely be a JOTY contender for people who like pretty and melancholy jams. Super locked in too. RTT

7/23 Shovelware is my fave jam of the last two shows and is right there with GR RR for JOTY

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You do be loving the dance jams

Untz boi