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Just locked in my flights today. Flying into SD on 3/11 and staying an extra day in SF. Only ever been to SD so some Cali recs would be great, especially since I have all day Monday in SF.

Also TxR is my 100th so I need y’all to help me get a BHSD.

I always end up at Mikkeller before shows in LA.

For SD the show is in north park, not downtown, but the bar scene is really solid there and everything is walkable. Also the venue is attached to a fairly decent restaurant/bar. But for food and drinks a good spot is Tiger! Tiger! (steins of craft beer, interesting menu with changing stuff). It’s a little ways away (15min walk) but worth it. For specific craft breweries with tasting rooms around there I like Modern Times (but it’s pricey), not a huge fan of Belching Beaver and imo Rip Current used to be better. For a solid beer bar that’s close by and isn’t brewery specific I recommend Toronado, they usually also have a few Russian River beers on tap if you’re chasing Pliny or something. For Whiskey definitely go to Seven Grand, which is super close by. For just general cocktails the venue honestly isn’t bad. There’s also a barcade nearby, but it’s usually full of assholes.

Don’t know anything about the venue for the after show in OB

Toronado will be permanently closed by next month.

Also doing the entire CA run and I’m really stoked. I’m doing the opposite and spending an extra day in SD.

What are you into? What’s the preferred way to spend that day in SF? I’ve been a local for 10 years so I can probably point you in the right direction. Looking for a good coastal hike? Beer and breweries? Touristy SF shit like Haight-Ashbury? Park lounging and people watching?

How are you getting up to TXR? I’m likely gonna ferry up. Probably an afternoon ferry and enjoy the day up there. I rarely get outside of SF so I like to enjoy the opportunities to explore not-SF.

Honestly have no details hammered out yet. I know I have a couple friends from Boston and a friend in SD doing this run. I’ve been told they have Airbnb’s and a car rented already.

Probably want to do some generic touristy shit and hit some breweries since I’ve never been but it’s probably up to the people I’m with. I’ll take any suggestions. I’ll PM you closer to the run and try to meet up.

Best touristy things:

  1. Golden Gate Park. Just strolling through Stow Lake, the buffalo paddock, California Academy of Science, Botanical Garden. There is also a really nice disc golf course there if you’re into that.
  2. Alcatraz. Really awesome. But you gotta book early and it can take up a decent chunk of the day.

And that’s about it. Pier 39 is lame. The sea lions are pretty cool and there’s a super creepy museum (Musée Mécanique) full of old school coin-operated games. And Haight-Ashbury is a shadow of its former self and it’s filled with dirty homeless hippy kids. There is an interesting horror movie prop store, but is it really worth going there just for that? Amoeba is a great record store, but I’m sure you have great record stores where you live too.

Outside of SF there are some great outdoor activities. Even in the city there are some decent hikes.


  1. Barebottle. Probably my favorite in SF. Like all the other trendy breweries, they specialize in hazys, but they make some good sours and stouts as well.
  2. Woods. They have multiple locations, but I would propose going to the Cerveceria location, getting beers to-go, and enjoy them in Dolores Park across the street. Great views of the city, great weather, and interesting people-watching. Then you can move towards Valencia St and enjoy some quality Mexican food and other fantastic boozy establishments.
  3. Mikkeller. Super expensive, but they’re the best - in both quality and quantity.
  4. Toronado. You might be going to the SD one, but it’s another classic.
  5. Cellarmaker. They have multiple locations but the OG one is on Howard St. The newer Mission St location also has quality Detroit style pizza.
  6. Rare Barrel. It’s in Berkeley, but they’re the best sours around. Can probably find some places in SF (including Mikkeller) that will have a number of bottles.
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Damn that sucks…I always try to hit them up when I’m in north park.

So ready for SD and LA! Feels like I haven’t seen them in soo long. If you’re looking to try so solid beers in SD, bottlecraft might be worth hitting, it’s mainly a bottle shop but they usually have some solid stuff on tap. Modern times is another good one. My personal favorite is pure project, 100% worth the short Uber.

Tried some Pure Project beers at a Beer Week event yesterday. Very good.

For sure. The awesome thing about them is they do so many styles really well, best hazys I’ve had in SD, amazing barrel aged stouts and I hear their sours are great too but can’t comment on them bc I don’t do sours.

For a solid pregaming spot in SD I recommend Pizza Port. Beer is very good if slightly dated, pizza and vibes are excellent. It isn’t a trendy place, there are many other options for that. It is absolutely classic San Diego though.

For anyone dumb enough to stay on Coronado check out Danny’s Palm Bar for a burger and Night & Day for fish tacos.

I agree with everyone recommending Pure Project and Pizza Port as well…and Bottlecraft is a decent beer spot if you don’t mind some seriously funky cheese smells, or if you want to eat some funky cheese.

Also I forgot about Fall, great brewery.

Thanks for the recs.

Do any of these shows normally sell out? Aside from TxR obviously

Fox floors might sell out but probably not. The Fox and Wiltern are pretty large theaters. No idea about the SD venue. I’ve never been.

I’d be surprised if any of them sold out. The crowds appear to be increasing a little every year though.

It’s been good seeing more people turn out for the west coast shows. So glad San Diego is back. I miss the runs that had SD>LA>LV>PHX. Maybe someday.

I’m calling a Rosanna (Toto) cover for SD, if they keep their word from 2018.