Rockjavik: A 3 night run in Iceland

This was the thread that got me active again on the previous bort, so kicking it off again. A place to share ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for this sold out highly anticipated run.

Doesn’t seem so far away anymore now that it’s officially 2020!

So jealous. Why oh why didn’t I jump on tickets as soon as they went on sale. No way I could have predicted the demand for this.

Oh well, off to Thailand for a couple weeks tonight as consolation.

Getting more pumped for this by the day. Looking like our schedule will be…

Thursday: Dinner at Dill
Friday: Explore Reykjavik and UM
Saturday: Whale watching and UM
Sunday: Blue Lagoon and UM
Monday: Golden Circle
Tuesday: Vik i Myrdal, waterfalls, black sand beach, etc
Wednesday: TBD
Fly out Thursday

Very stoked!!

It’s not too late. I’ve seen a lot of tickets for sale in the last couple weeks, including on this forum, cashortrade, and facebook.

It’s not realistic at this point. I really balled out for this Thailand trip and multiple multi-week vacations in a two-week span probably isn’t a good idea.

What’s the story with selling tickets? I thought I remembered them being will call. Will the venue change the name?

Pretty sure they’ll change the name for you, yeah

Have you booked anything for the whale watching yet? Curious which company you did. I want to do that too.

I believe I went with this one

We’re doing a Northern Lights tour on the 19th, spending the days before UM exploring Reykjavik, and ending with a Golden Circle tour

Anybody looking for tix? Think I’m gonna sell mine.

Row 12 Seat 15

Wasn’t sociablehodor looking for tickets? May want to reach out to him

I think he decided against, but I’ll text him

What section/rows are people in?
I’ve got floor row 8 seats 21/22.

Row 11 - Seat 17

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Row 13 - Seats 25/26

We’re in the balcony, I think R 8 - 10

I posted this in the GITV/Marketplace section, but if anyone is in need of a pair, I’m trying to help my buddy unload his pair of extra 3-night passes.

After much thought for the last week I decided yesterday to back out. Starting a new job in early February and don’t want to burn 8 days of vacation right off the bat. Would rather do 4-5 long weekends scattered over the next 6 months or so vs just UM in Iceland.

Iceland will be there if I ever want to go visit it in the future. That being said, I have two of those grey longsleeve Iceland shirts that my friend got me for sale. 1 Large and 1 XL, shoot me a pm if you want to take 'em off my hands!