Rank Hall of Fame Releases?

Wondering if The Bort has recently ranked the Hall of Fame releases. Might be interesting to see how everyone ranks the releases, and what are the standouts from each of them. Will there be a clear winner?

I tend to just listen to the most recent (like the Kabump and Night Nurse from the last release), and then move on. So I would love to have a reason to dig back into the archives a little.

Personally I’d say my top 3 are:

  1. 2011
  2. 2017
  3. 2010

2011 could’ve been at least 30 tracks long but what’s there is pretty incredible. 2017 has really started growing on me recently, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Penn’s RW but the ABITW and FF on the album are both really really good. 2010 has a lot of New Year’s run stuff but Girlfriend is Better is so fucking good, as is the 12/30 Junk… I’d still like to see HOF albums for all of the 00’s years. I made my own HOF nugs playlist for 2008 and it was tough getting it down to 20 tracks let alone the 10-12 that most of these albums consist of…

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Care to divulge the '08 list? That’s the one year I never got too familiar with as I was out of the country for a lot of it. Been meaning to find a “best of” list for a while now.

My .02 on the HOF is 2013>2014>2011, then the rest. I don’t think you can get any better than the opening 3 songs on the 2013 HOF (Dump City, Kabump>Triple Wide). 2014 may be an odd pick but it has my favorite Front Porch, Blue Echo, MO, and Mantis on it. I’ve always loved that Onward & Upward too, sans the first 5 minutes.

2011 is the GOAT for me, that year just has a special place in my heart. Fire shows all year for the most part and it was back in my college/ heavier touring days.

God damn I can’t wait to hit the road again and see this stupid band.

My list of favorite '08 shows


Best Dance Jams from 2008

02/07/08 Dump City
02/09/08 Syncopated Strangers
02/13/08 Bright Lights
02/27/08 In the Kitchen
03/07/08 Wappy
04/01/08 Blue Echo
04/03/08 Triple Wide
04/03/08 Hurt Bird Bath
04/05/08 In the Kitchen > Higgins
04/05/08 Jajunk
06/06/08 Hey 19 > Nothing Too Fancy
05/23/08 Phil’s Farm
07/05/08 All in Time
10/27/08 The Haunt
12/29/08 The Bottom Half

Vinyl only ranking:

  • 2012 - Features the best versions ever of Puppet and WTWIRD, and a monster Kitchen

  • 2011 - Very close 2nd to 2012. Haunt & Red Tape!

  • 2010 - Great release, all four sides of the vinyl are super solid. Really there is not much difference in quality between '10/'11/'12

  • 2017 - Rare recent release where all of the vinyl sides were good, especially Robot World and 2x2

  • 2018 - Very solid release, only complaint is yet another Phil’s Farm on vinyl and not a very good one either…

  • 2016 - First disc is fire w/ a monster Phil’s and good selections from the improv set. Second disc is meh…back to back years w/ Front Porch on vinyl? So odd…

  • 2015 - 3 great selections in the 1348, Rocker II, and Night Nurse. The Wife Soup w/ choir is actually cool. SOYCD…sigh

  • 2013 - First disc is fire w/ Robot World & Dump, but the 2nd disc is a complete headscratcher. Standard debut of Bad Friday?? Rebubulah cover?? Great year of UM, terrible HOF choices

  • 2014 - The overall release was alright, but the weakest choices all seemed to be put on the vinyl…absolutely criminal that the Brkln Wizard, Seattle Mantis & Binghamton HBB were snubbed for the vinyl in favor of mediocre versions of Ringo, August & Front Porch. That said, bonus disc was cool this year. Wish we could get more of that.

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Playlist could be about 20 tracks longer…

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Thank you!

…added 2.9.08 synco cuz it might be my GOAT um track

For sure, this list could easily be twenty tracks longer!

To have no 4.3 or 10.9 on the ‘08 list is a travesty!