Random, Spontaneous Thoughts about UM (Part Pee)

He was on Ari’s old show years ago talking about working at a fish processing plant in Alaska. So funny. He’s the best storyteller.

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That was a fantastic listen. Soder talking about Alaska couldn’t be any more up my alley.

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One of my college buddies worked at a facility like that one summer. He came back with some really good fish and a Yugoslav SKS rifle with a broken gas system that some tweaker sold him for $80.


My partner’s brother works at one of those places every summer. He is there now. She was going to work there for the season/experience, but it fell through

You literally have the best stories


Just a scary good memory.

That rifle is worth like $600 now so my buddy made out like a bandit.


Alaska related, but i made a connect on Wake where if I wanted to, I could do pipeline work on the slopes making about 8K a month take home. Only catch is, you’re stuck there for a long time. Considering it.

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Two months from now I’ll be in Anchorage, very stoked for my Alaska cruise.


Pipeline work looks and sounds backbreaking

And its dangerous as shit. Accidents happen all the time. But you can make really good money FAST. Have a few buddies that have done it and it set them up to be successful later. Gotta have money to make money, as fucked as that is.

@SchladopianFir i guess what im getting at is have a plan for the money, how you will spend/invest it, and for your next venture…before you decide.


I think that is about what my partners brother makes processing fish out there

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Sending it home seems to make it disappear fairly quickly lol

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Agreed :100: :100::100::100:. And I’ve been there man. I did weed work out west for close to a decade. Averaged about twice what I would make on the east coast. Would always send the money home to make ends meet while trying to make more ends meet out west. Not once in the 8 years I did it did I come out ahead enough to jusitfy it as a smart financial decision. Granted, I did like to party some of the money away. Its also easy for the people you’re supporting to take advantage of it and ask for more/spend on the wrong things. Not saying they would do that.

But the only way to make shit like that work is to have a clear and realistic understanding of exactly how much you will be making and what you’re going to do with it. It takes planning and being frugal on both sides.

You’re obviously looking for a move thats going to set you and yours up for a while. And I have all the respect in the world for how you’re going about it. Its probably going to be a tough conversation you will have to have with your parnter(s) and family about what this money is to be used for. You seem to have a rough estimate of what you will make monthly…so give them a number of what you will be sending and dont send any more than that. Other side is, you have to keep your end of the deal by bringing home what you’re expected to make/save. In the end, it could be great for everyone involved.

In my experience, it never was. But I was young, dumb and pissed most of that money away.

TL;DR: I’ve always lived hood rich and I hope you figure it out better than I did. Best of luck, friend.


When I went to Wake, I spent maybe 100 bucks during the 3 months I was there and 40 of it was a cart. It’s the same concept where they feed and house you. So I’d definitely make it a game to be as cheap as possible. As long at I’m literally keeping my nose clean, I’m golden. But there’s a catch.

It comes down to my kid. I feel like everything that’s gone on with them recently shows that i should stick around. I don’t want to really get too into it but they need a little more stability and structure than 1 parent in the house at the moment. I appreciate your input and encouragement, and I know I’d crush it because I’d have to.


This seems like the biggest thing.

No amount of money in the world can fix this.


Ya love to see it when SJB busts out the life advice/shoulder to lean on. People can say a million things about you, but a bad dude is never one of them


People talk shit about him?


Yeah fuck that guy


Damn right!


I’ve heard tell. But never when you’re around, P. Come to windjammer and party with SE fam!

@SteamboatCame and @wetzelpretzel will be there. Also Wook Daddy Phil, Whitaker and some other AvL friends. I’ve also heard rumblings of a Jenny and Miller BnB.

Trying to figure out our lodging moves soon.