Pearl Jam

Looks like we’re a few days away from a US tour announcement. Current rumor looks like this for spring tour, with a record and fall tour most likely to follow:

Toronto 3/18
Ottawa/QBC 3/20
Ottawa/QBC 3/22
Hamilton 3/24
Baltimore 3/28
NYC 3/30
Nashville 4/2
St. Louis 4/4
Denver 4/6
SD 4/13
LA x2
Oakland x2

Pretty excited for some live PJ in my life.

New record and tour

Of course, I am out of town for work for the OKC date. This sucks.


Trying for MSG, Baltimore and OKC

Ugh tour postponed

Definitely butt hurt right now

New record leaked. Interesting stuff. I enjoyed it

Is it better than the second track they released

go listen to it

ugh fine how

I watched Singles over the weekend and then got really pumped about PJ again.

Jammed Live On Two Legs yesterday. Great news about the leak - downloading now!

First listen - first 1/3 of the album real strong. Middle kinda weak. Ending strong

Always found it funny Jack Irons was Pearl Jam’s drummer from ‘94-‘98 after leaving The RHCP.

He left RHCP in the late 80’s I believe. Was their founding drummer

He left in 1988 after Hillel died. Yes, he was the OG drummer, then Cliff Martinez (soundtrack composer) played on the first two albums, then Jack came back for Uplift Mofo album before splitting.

Kinda similar to Mother Love Bone.

I still have a bunch of the official tour recordings from 2000. The 10th anniversary Vegas show and the Seattle date are great. The Touring Band DVD from that tour is really cool.

Question for Ten Club members: is there a discount code for the $30 nugs subscription, or will this link do the job?

EDIT Answered my own question, it worked!

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Was going to say it’s open for anyone. I see them and Metallica occasionally post deals like that. I think the last time I signed up was from a Metallica promotion that was just $20 for the whole year

Ten dropped 30 years ago today. No Code also dropped today, 25 years ago.