Pearl Jam

2 of the GOATS

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Gigaton, their best album, came out a year and 6 months ago


Thank you, Mike McSqueaky.

Postponed tour finally rescheduled:

May 3 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
May 6 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
May 7 – Los Angeles, CA @The Forum
May 9 – Glendale, AZ @ Gila River Arena
May 12 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena
May 13 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena
May 16 – Fresno, CA @ Save Mart Arena
May 18 – Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center
May 20 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
September 1 – Quebec City, QC @ Videotron Centre
September 3 – Ottawa, ON @ Canadian Tire Centre
September 6 – Hamilton, ON @ FirstOntario Centre
September 8 – Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena
September 11 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
September 14 – Camden, NJ @ Waterfront Music Pavilion
September 16 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
September 18 – St. Louis, MO @ Enterprise Center
September 20 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Paycom Center
September 22 – Denver, CO @ Ball Arena

Hopefully get a Nash and St. Louis ticket. Gonna try for Vegas also

Fuck man I have too much shit going on this year otherwise I’d definitely fly somewhere for one night to see my beloved Pearl Jam.


listening to Pickin’ On Pearl Jam… it doesn’t translate as well as their other work but it’s an interesting listen.

wild to finally learn the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter

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Forum rumors were more or less correct

New single:

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Put in my request for Baltimore. :crossed_fingers:t3:


My girlfriend has requests for Seattle even though we’re seeing them at bottle rock. Looks to be a Pearl Jam kind of week for us


I like the new song. Love the guitar effects on the verse. Some sort of tempo sync’d trem


Only seen Pearl Jam once in 2007 but definitely going to try to hit Portland this go around. RHCP, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters all this year it’s the 90s all over again!

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I noticed that too. Curious if they’ll be reproducing it live or not and what they did to get it in the first place. Imagine just automated trem rate, could probably do it with an expression pedal live?

I mean, he probably has that stuff preprogrammed and will be synced to a clock. You could easily program synced subdivisions beforehand. Expression would be hard because the subdivision change is immediate. Would be more realistic if expression was altering the subdivision instead of the speed.

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Guess it’s possible, but that’s very not Pearl Jam in terms of live production. I’d be very surprised if they’re running clocked fx

Wasn’t it sort of a big deal when McCready started even using modeling amps?

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Yeah you’re probably right. The only issue is that the trem is synchronized to tempo. Many trem pedals with exp have continuous speed. But I guess the real fast speed isn’t all that important to be in sync, so you’d just need to make sure the slower speed is. So they’d probably need to play to a click.

I just dialed in something similar on the Stomp. Enter the tempo, trem speed set to subdivision, exp controls the subdivision with the heel set to 16th and toe to 64ths or something fast.

Supposedly they started playing one or two newer songs to a click last year, so you never know. My guess would be that they’ll probably just ignore that part altogether, or have Josh Klinghoffer play it.


Requested N1 Chi