Getting pretty excited for these Denver shows!

It will be a much needed break from all that’s going on w/our families & health issues.

Was hoping for a full Spring tour. But looking like just the festival circuit outside of the CO/CA shows.

Holding out hope for a jazz fest date. Did a couple OG run shows, and they were… interesting. Band was much more polished at Bonnaroo like 10 years ago. With everybody being older/wiser/sober-er, the back end of these shows should smoke.

will be at Sat broomfield… hopefully the high cost for these tix goes towards some les claypool theatrics or something cool and not just another vacation home for trey

Anybody in the Denver area know of any late night events for after the Oysterhead shows?

I’m assuming these shows will be done by like 10-1030, which will leave ample time for some potential post show fun.

Cervantes, Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple, and Your Mom’s House are the three venues in Denver that always have late shows (pushing 2am most nights). Looks like Electric Beethoven is playing YMH. That would be my pick. Todd Stoops (Raq, formerly Kung Fu) is fucking awesome on keys.
Not sure who the band is at Psychedelic Ripple - but it’s the only show I see advertised surgically as an after-party. That venue is usually dead and Phish cover bands, but they have good shows on the occasional weekend. Venue kinda sucks, but drinks are cheap and there are a couple pool tables if you’re not set on watching the band.

Appreciate it :+1:

Looked into that Be On Key show - looks like garbage.

Go see Electric Beethoven - https://archive.org/details/electricbeethoven2017-06-23.AKG.P170.AUD

Hyped for Peach

Can’t believe this weekend is already upon us. We’re leaving for Denver late tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see some dear old friends, who I see so rarely these days.

Hitting the Friday show w/‘coyote Mark. Still unsure why he hasn’t gotten onboard with the newest version of the bort. Probably because he’s a weirdo wook, but I love the guy. Can’t believe it’s been almost 15yrs since the 1st time we met at UM/GAMH in San Fran. Shit.

So is the expectation that the shows will be different? Given that it was advertised as a two-night run with travel packages I would think so. Previously they only had enough material for a single set and didn’t do covers or Primus/Phish songs.

Gotta think they have a bunch of new material with an album on the way. Not even going but pretty excited to see what they have in store.

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I hope they kept ‘Desmond Dekkers - Israelites’ in rotation. I fucken love that song.

Guess LA isn’t happening, huh?

Starting to see a bunch of vids showing up online. Looks like they just played the full album along with 46 Days and Voices Inside My Head. I can’t wait for Peach.

Set One:
Little Faces
Mr. Oysterhead
Polka Dot Rose
Radon Balloon
Jam ->
The Grand Pecking Order
Rubberneck Lions

Set Two:
Jam >
Shadow of a Man
Army’s on Ecstasy
Wield the Spade
Birthday Boys
Oz Is Ever Floating
Pseudo Suicide

Voices Inside My Head
46 Days
Owner of the World

Had a ton of fun last night. I was really hoping they had some new material, but maybe they still do & they were just using last night as a warm up, so to speak.

Regardless, even if tonight is the same basic setlist, with a couple more Phish, Police or Primus covers in the encore slot, it’s still gonna be a f’n blast.

We’re ready for round 2 tonight! :beers:

Night 2 destroyed!!

Both nights were a blast, but last night was def the better of the shows. The Southbound Pachyderm fake out was so awesome, but such a cruel tease. First Tube was great, but I was 100% on board with back to back Primus tunes.

Pseudo Suicide was the perfect choice for the 2nd encore.

So glad we made these shows happen.



Oysterhead… Fuck yeah
Chicago… Fuck yeah
2 Shows… Fuck yeah
Aragon… Awww fuck

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I know right? I’m trying to figure out how much platinum seats will be. I’d honestly pay double to not have to deal with the main floor.

Yeah, not sure how to feel about this one. I’m super glad we went to the Denver shows. The fact that those shows were great, makes me wanna see more while there’s the chance, but def hate that venue. We will prob end up hitting at least 1 night, but if we skip the shows, it will be an easier decision.

Why can’t it be 2 nights at the Riverside in MKE?

Who knows though?..maybe they’ll keep throwing dates out there, between their other band’s tours.

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