Getting really excited to see Opeth in February. I am in full bloom love with the new album after a few months of listening to it pretty regularly.

Super excited as well. I’ll be seeing them at the Apollo night 1. While I enjoyed the new album a lot, it did not immediately connect with me as much as Sorceress did. But I only listened to it all the way through 2 or 3 times. I need to give it another spin for sure.

Getting really fired up for Worcester on Monday. Also mildly interested to see if the setlist changes at all for the US leg (which starts Thur).

last night they played ‘to rid the disease’ instead of ‘hope leaves’, so there’s one switch up.

catching them tonight with my girl, how romantic!

Worcester and the Canada shows canned due to Mike’s laryngitis… Ugh. I learned when I got to the venue last night. Really hoping they make the date up because I don’t think I can get to NY this weekend (both shows sold out as well). Major league dart in the balls! C’est la vie.

I saw their Facebook post. It’s a bummer but hopefully it means they’ll come back soon and hit some other regions and cities, too.

Anyone in need of tix to Friday’s Apollo show? A couple friends and I all have to bail for various reasons.

We have three tix together in Upper Mezz Left, Row A. Looking to get face which was $55.50 per ticket. Willing to sell them off individually or in a pair, if not all three together.

If you’ve never been to the Apollo, the mezzanine sections all hang over the orchestra about half way, so even in upper mezz your sight lines and sound are pretty great.

Tickets are electronic so I can transfer to your TM account or email a PDF. PM if interested!

Opeth last night in Denver was mind blowing. This was only the second time I have seen them. The first was a couple years ago at Red Rocks, when it was cold and windy and the sound was terrible. This experience at the Mission Ballroom completely blew that out of the water. The sound was great and the set list was great. Admittedly, I haven’t gotten that into the new album yet, but man those songs all translate live so well.



That is awesome!!! I love all Opeth but don’t miss the growls that much. Sorceress and In Cauda Venenum are tight up there with Still Life, Blackwater Park and Ghost Reveries for me.

I don’t like growls at all, but Opeth is the only band I can actually kinda stomach with them

Happy 20th birthday!!



Such an amazing album!! I go back and forth with Opeth favorites and if you put a gun to my head I would probably say “Still Life” by BWP is so close.

Still Life, BWP, and Deliverance are all a tie as the best of their cookie monster phase. Can’t decide.
Also, Deliverance is fucking superb as well.

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Agree! If you take Deliverance & Damnation as a single album they way they were intended, I think that would be my favorite. Can’t forget Ghost Reveries either… Morningrise and MAYH get overlooked too. So many good ones…

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I think the title track of Deliverance might be my favorite Opeth song

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^ I think Mikael feels the same way. Basically played at every show.

Such a perfect show ender

Opeth/Mastodon with Zeal & Ardor just announced! I’m in for AVL. Haven’t seen Opeth since 2013. Let’s fucking go!

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