NYE 2022

2 nights at the Roxy Atlanta

How is this venue?

When I was like 14 I saw Lisa Lampanelli there



It’s not the same venue. They built this by the new Braves stadium.

Flat floor.


Isn’t it new

I’ll be there tho! Woohoo!

Wiki says capacity is 3600, LiveNation site says 2200. Tabby is 2600?

So going from 3-4 night runs at Tabby to 2 nights at Roxy? Oofsize.jpeg

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I kind of want to make this happen. Anyone want to split Airbnb. Bort frat house?


I’m sure a part of that is also only wanting to do 2 nights, better contract at a different venue etc though

Could be? Looks like this is also outside the city but by the new bougie, gentrified Braves stadium. Guessing accommodations won’t be too difficult but kind of a bad deal for fans when at least with the Tabby, there seem to be so many hotels within walking distance.

Might be because I’m about over the Tabernacle at this point, but I’d likely rather check out the new spot personally. If I wind up in town to see family around then I’d probably hit a night.

It’s also crazy they scrapped Turner Field. Is it just gone now? Sidenote is Underground Atlanta still around? We used to hit Underground all the time and then shuttle to the game from there

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Is this north of town? If so I have a good friend that is walking distance of that new complex. There are plenty hotels up there as well, whole area is walkable.

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I thought I had heard that Turner field and the surrounding area is becoming a new college campus.

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Met some folks last night staying in our condo building. From Omaha. Its kangd


I only wanna go if Blondie is going


Got me good.

Agreed on the Tabby. This was more about accommodations/proximity to the city which Rick proved I’m way off base on. I also looked briefly at the area on Google Maps and it does look like there is stuff to do in the area which also eliminates my other “concern”.

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It’s not like this was CWII or anything.