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Our first new studio strack of 2020, Suxity was obviously debuted over NYE run but just released today on streaming services.

Pretty good writeup of the track on American Songwriter:

I dug it just fine hearing it on nugs after it was played in Denver, but I gotta say, I really like the studio version of this track. Can’t wait to hear this one opened up. This weekend?

@flyfishmich Song was produced by Ryan Hewitt. There’s your RHCP sound haha.

I liked it more than I thought I would. Here’s to hoping they open it up soon.

Really enjoyed both the NYE and studio versions. Imagine it will be played at the Beacon (would love to see it get improv but probably a little early in the song’s history for that).

Looking forward to a New York SuxCity @ Beacon, preferably Saturday

Also because they refuse to play improv heavy shows at the Beacon.

embrace the event, bruh

I thought this as well, but they have definitely opened up some songs as early as the second time played. And the groove/tempo of this song should lend itself nicely for a jam.

Curious to see what other singles they will drop and how frequently this year

Same. Do we know if they have any other new songs in the can, from when they were in Nashville?

Ride on Pony. I know Joel said they were working on another album.

Right, I meant any ones that had yet to be released. Ride On Pony and Crucial Taunt also came from those Nashville sessions.

The article said Suxity was the first of multiple singles being released this year

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Joel just informed me via the tweetz that the other two new songs were recorded in CT, not Nashville!

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In the article it says that this is the second single along with Ride On Pony. Are we assuming Crucial Taunt will not be on whatever new album is coming up?

I think you misinterpreted/read that. He meant that Crucial Taunt and Ride on Pony were recorded in CT back in January of last year. They did Suxity and unknown other tracks in Nashville.

Nah, that’s exactly what I thought he meant. I was under the impression that CT and RoP were from those Nashville sessions.

I was being unclear in this thread, I guess :slight_smile:

Ah gotcha.

Anyways, excited to see what else they’ve got in the hopper. I enjoy getting new studio stuff and like them experimenting with different release models.

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Main funk riff reminds me of “Party on Your Pussy” by RHCP.

I like Suxity.

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Hahaha, makes sense.

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