New Interview w/ Jake

Totally worth the read. Some great little info tidbits in here. If on mobile, you might have to tap on a button and answer a quick survey question in order to reveal the article text

  • band raised ~$5,000 during Boondocks stream
  • sounds like they did two days before/after Boondocks at Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, IN with acoustics and such to outline the next record
  • with the future in mind, band is prepping to livestream shows in a warehouse outside Chicago, full lightshow, sounds like they would like to track the album there as well

Jake might be spilling the beans a little bit here and maybe all of this wont come to full fruition like he says, but who knows, maybe it will. Cool to see what their mindset is right now, nonetheless

Which band member lives in Seattle?

Id say Joel most likely

Joel is in CA last I heard. Where does it say a band member lives in Seattle? I read quick but I thought it said they were in Seattle for a show?

cant copy pasta text from the article on desktop

Huh strange. There’s a quote later where Jake references them being in Seattle I wonder if the author just misunderstood, because I’m almost positive nobody in the band lives there


Nobody lives in Seattle. Joel is in Santa Monica.

BB’s brother lives in Seattle. But none of the band members live in Seattle. Joel’s on the WC, but he’s in CA.

Where did Kris move to? Wasn’t in CA very long.


How long has he been up there? He was living in Portland for a while

Holy shit, that was a frustrating read. What a poorly written article. I wish i’d just stuck to @UMFree’s cliffnotes.

OK let’s get serious. Band members private home addresses . . . GO!

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Sounds like something a @lurker would say.


Just being a @stinkoschminko @lurker creeping on the internet trying to @kramm drugs up a @Random_Ass for a good ole @Umphreaknout party


I found Stasik’s once accidentally. I was trying to remember what part of Charleston he moved to and in googling it I came across a local news article that covered recent real estate transactions for the area.

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You found it accidently while looking for where he lived?



Haha, I wasn’t looking for a specific address. I just thought I had remembered him mentioning the area in an interview, and was looking for that. I was thinking it was Sullivan’s Island, which is a really affluent area, but it wasn’t that.

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I spent the weekend at Kris’ house for the Ryman 2019 run, it is pretty, pretty nice. I slept on a futon in his practice studio, Saturday morning, he woke me up like “hey bud, I’ve got to practice, is that okay? I don’t want to disturb you.” and I responded, “Well, this is officially the worst start to any day ever.” then I dumped in his bathroom, life goals achieved.

A couple of pictures from his basement studio, not sure how that panorama will show up on here.


I like hearing positive Kris stories !