My Morning Jacket

Chefs kiss. Can’t wait for tomorrow


My first show!

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Just put in request to photo the Nashville show next weekend :crossed_fingers:


Anyone seen a stop on this tour and can ballpark how long they play for? Nashville venue has a hard 11 cutoff so trying to base it around that

Average set length is 2:25. Expect start an 8:30 start


yeah they walked on stage at 8:29 in Boston and ended at 10:45. Also strict 11pm curfew.

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Yeah they started a few mins before 8:30 for their Michigan show (first show of this tour).

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Thanks gang

8:15 start per their IG

Huntsville was great. I love that venue, and I think the bands do too.

  1. Wordless Chorus

  2. Off the Record

  3. Penny for your Thoughts

  4. Spring (Among the Living)

  5. Mahgeetah

  6. Feel You

  7. The Way That He Sings

  8. Circuital

  9. First Light

  10. Honest Man

  11. Steam Engine

  12. Out of Range, Pt. 2 (FTP!!)

  13. Compound Fracture

  14. Love Love Love

  15. Anytime

  16. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2

  17. Encore:

  18. Regularly Scheduled Programming

  19. Wasted

  20. One Big Holiday


@nsl recording for you

Fuck, I should have known he’d be there. We rolled in at showtime so no wondering around and seeing folks.

Thanks for link though. Will peep!

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19 years since my first MMJ show. Saw them at a little 250 cap club that isn’t around anymore.


Steam Engine and PWW in the same set is the stuff of dreams these days


SLC show had Steam > PWW > OBH encore