My Morning Jacket

Guess we don’t have an MMJ thread yet.

They just announced a webcast of night 1 from Red Rocks last year for this Friday night. Been dropping stuff on nugs too. 7 new shows out today (2015 SF run, some overseas 2012 stuff, and two nights in Athens 2007.) Red Rocks show will be on nugs following the stream

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How much do their concerts vary each night?

Same venue runs are usually no repeats. The last tour or two seemed to have less diversity than usual, but still maybe only 5-10 repeats night to night

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One Big Holiday is the final song at nearly every show that isn’t a multi-show run at the same venue. Their setlists also have trends, Victory Dance or Circuital tend to open up the show, I’m Amazed & Off the Record come early. Phone Went West or Dondante as the big song to close the set. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream 1 & 2 in the encore.

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Yep. Usually one of either Steam Engine, Phone Went West, or Dondante as the big jam vehicle for the night. Wordless Chorus is a frequent encore break opener. Their setlists tend to follow a similar track to Pearl Jam. Some staples, a few newer tunes, some rotational spots.

Man I miss MMJ


In 2019, we made the tough choice of doing Red Rocks for UM instead of for MMJ. Will probably always regret that choice. Had just seen UM at RRX in 2018, and they tour a hell of a lot more than MMJ.

A lot of this probably comes from the fact that I haven’t seen Jacket since 2017ish, but man, they seriously do put on one of the best live shows out there.

Long story short, need these dudes to do some shows as soon as they’re (safely) able. Probably one of the few groups for which I know virtually every word to almost every song.

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I’m still trying to figure out the quote function on this forum. Sometimes when I hit “reply,” it automatically quotes, sometimes it doesn’t

But anyways…MMJ, what a fun and unique band. And yes, their live show fucking rocks. They create this huge wall of sound…it’s very compelling. Those songs mentioned (Steam Engine, Phone Went West and Dondante) are some heavy hitters. Jam or no jam, those songs are sweet.

I’ve got some very vivid memories of my introduction to MMJ. In the spring of 2006, I was 19 years old and we just endlessly played beer pong in my buddy’s garage. He had a great sound system at the time (for a kid) and we just rotated 5 CD’s - MMJ’s Z, The Last Waltz (2 discs) and Wilco’s Kicking Television (also 2 discs).

A very undermentioned song off of Z is Lay Low. A very undermentioned song off It Still Moves is Dancefloors.


New record “The Waterfall II” coming in August. Looks like they’re doing a listening party for it on youtube this Thursday:

Edit: I guess the record is releasing online on Friday and physical in august

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Damn. Amazing

Can’t wait

Looks like it’s a collection of b-sides from the waterfall sessions? Not as exciting as new stuff written this year IMO but should still be enjoyable because that album was amazing

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They originally intended Waterfall to be a double album and have been talking about 'the waterfall followup/part 2" since the release of the original one, so not sure I’d necessarily write it off as a collection of b-sides.

Safety in Numbers was the same story, The Bottom Half still felt like B-Sides.

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Right but they decided against doing a double album and these are the leftover tracks. Isn’t this literally the definition of B-Sides?

lol ya I guess so

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Three of the songs on the new album have already been released/played, and they’re all solid. I really dig Magic Bullet, very much a classic MMJ sound.

The songs are:

  • Magic Bullet
  • The First Time
  • Welcome Home

Full track list is as follows:

Side A

  1. Spinning My Wheels
  2. Still Thinkin
  3. Climbing the Ladder
  4. Feel You
  5. Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)

Side B

  1. Magic Bullet
  2. Run It
  3. Wasted
  4. Welcome Home
  5. The First Time

I cannot wait for this album, regardless of whether or not it’s all B-Sides. Really need my fix - can’t believe it’s been 5 years since The Waterfall dropped. Where does the time go?

Sounds like they want to wait until they can tour again before they release the newly recorded stuff


New record debuting now

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Got it downloaded and listening now. Feel like a kid on Christmas.

“Climbing the Ladder” really jumps out at me, such a fun tune. That main riff is super catchy. Also a slow-down portion that I really dig.

“Wasted” is fucking awesome. Reminds me a lot of the It Still Moves days, a lot of instrumentality and very psychedelic. Long jam to end it. My kind of song.