Monkeys On Ecstasy - The moe. thread

Guess we should have this one on nüBort too. Listening to the GOAT Moe. show tonight.

02/23/02 Tabernacle, ATL (Warts and All Vol. 2)

1: Okayalright, She Sends Me, Spaz Medicine, Understand, Letter Home, Timmy Tucker > Kids

2: Mexico > Happy Hour Hero > Seat Of My Pants > Sensory Deprivation Bank > Four* > Rebubula

E: Fire

E2: Spine of a Dog

** With “Inca Roads” (Frank Zappa) tease.*

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But for real my dudes, this show is the MF’n truth. They don’t stop playing the entire second set (almost 90 min)…and a 30+ min encore. Non-stop energy. I can’t recommend this show enough. It’s some of the best music the jam scene has ever produced.

The first set of the SF show a few weeks ago didn’t have any breaks. Nonstop. The set was kind of meh though.

on the topic of seguefests

5/16/96 Edwards Hall, University Of Rhode Island - Providence, RI
Bring You Down > CalifornIA > Timmy Tucker^ > Buster > Rebubula^# > Yodelittle
^ Unfinished. # With “Inca Roads” (Frank Zappa) teases.*

a favorite of mine. was a staple of mine in college during study time.

8/31/01 Snow Ridge Ski Area - Turin, NY
Moth > Lazarus > Bring You Down > Brent Black > St. Augustine > Time Ed > Moth
E: Don’t Fear The Reaper

A perfect opening to the 2nd moe.down. really set the tone for how awesome the weekend was going to be. aside from my friend’s sauza induced puking in a tent situation and losing my blackhawks hat. this was later released as dr. stan’s vol 2



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Glad you created a new moe. thread dude.

I hadn’t listened to any in a while. Decided to throw on a March show to see how they had been sounding before they were COVID-19’d.

Picked the San Diego show. 3/7. Def recommend.

Set 1: Mexico -> Happy Hour Hero, Porn & Candy, ATL, Conviction Song, Billy Goat -> It
Set 2: Skitchin’ Buffalo > Spine Of A Dog -> Four -> Downward Facing Dog -> Meat -> Brent Black -> Meat
Encore: Okayalright

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Nice! I haven’t listened to any new moe. in a while. I’ll have to get on that

Bonnaroo 2002 late night is the GOAT for me.

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This was a very fun show. I hadn’t seen them 10+ years and had a blast.

I forgot about them for a while until I went to their Phish after show years back. It was fun. Then saw them about a year ago at Brooklyn Bowl. 2nd set was killer. Loved the Conch sequence but also really loved the new (at least to me) song LL3

Brooklyn BowlBrooklyn, NY

Tour: Winter Tour 2019

Set 1: Time Again, It, Tambourine, New Hope For The New Year, Screaming & Kicking,Y.O.Y.> Prestige Worldwide

Set 2: LL3, Jazz Cigarette, Tubing The River Styx> Meat> Tubing The River Styx> The Pit>Bullet> Meat

Encore: Wicked Awesome

I’m hoping someone can help me track down a song…

I want to say sometime around 2008/2009 someone in moe. came out with a solo project. I just remember streaming this really awesome song off a random website and really digging it. I thought it was Al, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Or maybe it was some other artist and it featured Al?

I don’t know - this is super vague and it probably won’t render anything

Any help on lyrics or anything?

here’s a guess

Al and the Transamericans?

This was my guess. Or that band Al and Vinny were in. Driftwood? Deadwood?

There was also a brief acoustic side project band of Al, Chuck, and Rob called Disgrace that I saw in 2010.

Al and the Transamericans sounds right…where do I find the album they released in 2008?

Al released a solo album in 2002. Was a study aid-album for the second half of college for me.

I’ll just keep fluffing GA Moe. shows. Go Dawgs.


I like moe a lot and will see them every time they come up town. But I just can’t relisten to any shows. The production of their SBDs is god awful. Sounds like audience recordings with subpar equipment.