Mom's Kitchen - The WSMFP thread

Lololol the boys had Ric Flair announce them last night and then they opened with Good Morning Mr Hard On. Fucking love this band :rofl:

Ooo buddy. Really enjoying this second set from 1/26/20.

R.I.P. Mikey :slightly_frowning_face:

3/1/20. Ribs & whiskey > Bowlegged > Honky Red. That’s my flavor



Is the OG lineup the best? I’ve seen Panic a few times at a few festivals but it doesn’t really compare to this stuff from the 90s I’ve been listening to lately. Love me some ‘Light Fuse, Get Away’

Panic sans Houser SUX

I’m inclined to agree but I don’t know shit about fuck. Is that the general consensus?

although they never covered Alice Cooper with Mikey… minus 10 points right there.

Not sure because I don’t talk to many rednecks.

But they sucked with George. And Herring is awesome but I think they can’t keep up with his awesomeness so he just kinda blast everyone with an array of beautiful notes and while the rest of the band does their own thing behind him. Also they turn it up real loud so the crowd can’t tell how bad it is.

I’m about 60% talking out of my @ass right now. Only listened to maybe 20 Herring shows. Still my opinion. However uninformed it may be.

Kudos on keeping your nose clean.

That’s kinda how they seemed at the fests shows I’ve seen. Had tickets for their 3 day run at the Chicago theater but that was scheduled about a month late.

This Houser shit is beautiful.


I’ve only listened to a little Houser era Panic, but it seems like the same formula to me. Classic “the old days were better”

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Seriously tho, why is it so loud? Loudest concert I’ve experienced at HOB Orlando.

What’s a standout date you’ve heard recently? I’ll listen. I’m due.

Listening to Huntsville, 4/3/96 on nugs.

@opsopcopolis I’ve barely listened to any Panic but from the little I’ve done recently, I far prefer Mikey’s tone and phrasing compared to Jimmy’s.

I dunno, guess Jimmy likes to play loudly

Don’t see The Offspring then.

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Yeah they’re definitely different players, but I always hear people say that Jimmy just solos over the band and the Houser stuff was different. Still just seems like a solo to me

Either way: WSPFUX > SCI

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