Why do I feel like nobody listens to them anymore? Anybody got good show recs so I don’t listen to the same 2 or 3 shows by them for the rest of my life?

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Archive link is spazzing out when I post. But this is an awesome show.


Also, I saw Lotus last year and it was pretty awesome

every time i saw lotus i left saying i should see lotus more. then i would wake up the next day and forget lotus existed.

also for the longest time would tell people my favorite tune was wax. turns out the sounds i thought i heard as wax i was just associating to the breakdown of crickets.

Man, I haven’t listened to this band in so long. Time to throw on my personal favorite Lotus show that attended: 2/25/12 Austin TX


2018 Mishawaka Run were the best lotus shows I’ve seen, but perhaps I missed the glory days. First Lotus show as 2015.

Also check out the 04/07/16 show - all improv show billed as “Five Petals.” Some really good moments throughout that show.

Yup, after throwing this on, it’s just as good as I remember. Highly recommend.

They stopped coming to Minneapolis so I lost interest. They’re good but I’m not traveling to see them.

I want to say their last 4 winter tours have coincided with UM/Biscuits/moe. in the North East and I end up picking UM/Biscuits/moe…

Came here to say this. Almost always has NE dates the same time as UM. Lotus has always been one of my favorites and was probably the first jamtronica band I’ve heard. Much prefer their older stuff but I haven’t seen them in a few years.

What are the same 2-3 shows? Some of the GOATs are Summerdance 08, 7/2/09, All Good 2010 and my most “recent” favorite 4/9/16. Haven’t paid attention to much after that.

I really enjoyed those old shows they put up on nugs recently. 1/29/05 and 2/3/04

You don’t listen to jam bands anymore so don’t even worry about it


They are nowhere near the band they were 00-05. 6/2/03 is peak Lotus

Their sound has come a long way, I don’t mind when they throw in the wubadub stuff every now and again nowadays and when they do D&B jams they are tite. Germination is one of my favorite albums to listen to front-back, what a great live album and it is from '03 so there ya go ethorock. I don’t really travel much for them, like I do for UM really only go when they’re local or at a festival I’m already at but with that said, Lotus is always a fun time

Rempel out Timmy P in. Very intrigued and will definitely be catching some more Lotus shows. Idk what this means for @mja271 backyard Bort Timmy P sets in the future though

Sneak peak of the future


Lotus just became the best jamtronica band in the scene


yeah wow I might actually see lotus and not leave early now


Just lie that I’m a die hard Lotus fan. Tim is my dad. Love this for him

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Best jamtronica band not named papadosio

Got to work that Timmy P relationship into some SF opening slots brother