Live in the Boondocks

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Should be fun. They should let me write the setlist.

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$20 per “show” btw

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Anything being donated anywhere or straight into the band’s pockets?

Would love to Jake play his old blue ASAT hanging on the wall.


Real stoked. Ill custy the fuck up all day for this

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You know the answer to this.

He’s gonna play the EMGs


I’ll take anything over the Orange Legacy.

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Looked like $20 for both nights to me. Is it actually 20 per night?

Also, how long is this expected to be?

Are VIP tickets available?

Yeah I think it’s per night

It better be two sets at $19.99

I don’t expect it to be a normal “show.” More so a look into a brand “brainstorm.”

I’m sorta expecting something like the IV Labs stream, but I’d prefer just UM playing 2 sets with improv


What’s this?

I think it was the pre-DBS session they did? I just remember the acoustic Search 4.

Yeah, right around the DBS release.

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