This band fucks.

Here’s their Mashup Halloween set from Halloween in Asheville. The opener was kinda wack. Lespecial starts at ~1:33:00

Set: Fruit Wolf Dance > 21st Century Iron Man (1), The Vessel > Homie, Friend of The Devil > Frizzle Fry (2), Jackfruit (3), One More Red Nightmare > Pressed For Time (4), Halloween Suite (5), Snell’s Fleet, (Sic) > Drum Solo> (6) Stingy Jack, Nothing Else Matters > Fire On The Mountain > Raining Blood > Enter Sandstorm (7), Lungs of the Planet, Tonberry

Encore: Scarlet Spegetti Western (8), What’s Crappenin> Buggn In The Air TNGHT (9)

(1) King Crimson/Black Sabbath mashup
(2) Grateful Dead/Primus
(3) Jackwise/Fruit Wolf Dance mashup
(4) King Crimson
(5) John Carpenter
(6) Slipknot (sic) not “Slipknot” by The Dead
(7) Metallica>The Grateful Dead>Slayer>Metallica>Darude. feat. Donna of the Dead
(8) Grateful Dead/Primus mashup
(9) TNGHT/Phil Collins mashup


Love this band. I posted this video in the streaming thread a couple times last year, but I highly recommend this NYE video from last year. Really cool stage setup and production.


Skipped around a little bit with this. Really like what I heard. Seems like a fairly unique sound. Gonna dig into it more.

This question may sound cringey but gotta ask - do these guys jam?

I love how heavy they get. I’ve always wanted to be in a jam band that gets this heavy and improvs on metal. I don’t know their material well enough to know if they jam, but they definitely had some improv on their Ashville studio stream a few days ago.

I actually have never seen them live, so I don’t really know them well enough to answer that question. From the videos I have watched it seems like they do some Type 1 jamming and extended transitions, but maybe not Type 2 jamming?

I could be completely wrong though.

@iamkickinit Pretty sure they don’t go Type 2.

Seeing them tonight with Kick the Cat opening. Kris sat in with them a couple weeks ago, so assuming that happens tonight.

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I’ll be there tonight, too!


Looks like I’ll be hitting Cervs tonight, any Denver bois going?

I want to go so badly, but fuck late night shows on a week night. They will prob play like 1130-130 right? I havent been able to get an answer on set times from them on facebook

I don’t even like late night shows on weekends at this point in my life

Just be a musician also and then you won’t care about things like these

I’ll ask what time they’re on. They tend to only play 90 minute shows I believe, FWIW.

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Let me know if you find out. I would love to go if it is a reasonable time!

don’t be a douche, just go. They’re a killer time. Forgot to post about the show I saw but the highlight was def 46 & 2 w Kris on vocals

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Not trying to be a douche, I just need to be physically in the office by 8am tomorrow morning unfortunately. Normally I would just start working late, but I have 2 deadlines going out tomorrow.

That sounds awesome though! I hope there is a video of that on Youtube.


Not on YouTube but there’s a clip on their IG, gotta swipe to get there.

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I like this band btw IMHO tyvm

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They good n shit. If I was @dtbar1 I would quit being a bitch


I like them too, I hope they have staying power but I’m concerned that they might be a one-trick pony. Or maybe I’m just jamband biased. They don’t really jam, maybe a little type I, and they play most of the same songs each show.

EDIT: killer cover selection though