King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Was crazy surprised that Gizzard did not already have a thread on this Bort.

I dig the new studio album! Still need to listen to it a couple more times before I feel I can comfortably rank it among the others, but it is definitely my favorite since Gumboot Soup.

I also really enjoyed the SF live recording. Great stuff throughout the entire thing. My only complaint is the last track. Head On/Pill is one of my favorite Gizzard tracks ever and the intro in this version is painfully slow… Fortunately it only lasts 4 minutes or so until it kicks into high gear for almost 20 minutes of Gizzard bliss.

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Seems like L.W. may be dropping on Thursday?

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Damn, I didn’t even realize it was gonna be a double album. Was that planned from the beginning? If so I feel kinda dumb based on the title.

I think it was.

Though this announcement could be for something totally different. An unrelated album or some people on Reddit are thinking it could be a new single accompanied by an animated video.

KG is awesome. I enjoyed Fishing for Fishies but wasn’t really digging the scream metal in the last album, just not my thing. Really looking forward to hearing LW tomorrow.

Yeah, I really respect their ability to write albums in so many different genres, but Rats Nest is probably my least favorite album Gizzard has ever made. Like you said, just not for me.

I’m a new King Gizzard fan. So new that I’ve only listened to three albums - the three most recent ones. And Rats’ Nest is damn near unlistenable for me. Trash can thrash metal. Not my thing. Fishing for Fishies is great though and I’m enjoying KG so far.

Nonagon Infinity and Flying Microtonal Banana are must listen KG albums. I haven’t kept up with KG honestly, wasn’t a fan of Fishing for Fishies. And lately, when I want to scratch the itch I usually just throw on the Porn Crumpets lol.

those two, murder of the universe (heavy psych rock) and sketches from east brunswick (jazz influenced) are excellent too.


Sketches of East Brunswick is so underrated. I put that one right up there with Nonagon and Flying Microtonal Banana as my favorites.


Really enjoyed Polygond and Gumboot Soup too. What a fucking year of albums in '17


It’s funny cause all of the recs so far are great, but I would probably recommend different ones for a first time listener, which shows how many great albums KG does have. I think Gumboot Soup and Polygondwanaland are both great places to start. My favorite album of theirs might be Float Along - Fill Your Lungs however.

forgot about polygon, that was great.

Who is gonna be the first one to take a stab at ranking all 16 albums (or 17 if you include Wiloughby’s)?

I say we all listen to the discog first and meet back here in a couple weeks to pick it all apart

Or I need to at least. Been a while since I gave the Jizz a good ear. I did really enjoy Chunky Shrapnel though

Agreed on Gumboot, disagree on Polygon. I don’t feel like that one is accessible for a new listener, even though I love that album.

I would say the best for a new listener are Gumboot and Flying Microtonal Banana, with Sketches of Brunswick as a runner-up, although that one featured Mild High Club and is less representative of their sound.

I just think Poly is very representative of Gizzard’s overall sound, but perhaps you’re right it is not as accessible as others.

I absolutely love Rats Nest. Probably my most listened to KG record.

I’m in Your Mind Fuzz is up there for me.

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Mind Fuzz is one of my go to albums for working out, if definitely gets me hyped

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Not L.W. after all but I bet that’s coming sooner than we think.