Kansas City > St Louis > South Bend

Now that Umphreys is back I’m considering going to the St Louis/South Bend shows. Anyone else going?

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Absolutely and unequivocally not will I be doing that.

UM is only back in the NE.


I’m locked in for Richmond x2 and have a ticket for Friday SL. Kinda 50/50 on that one and wish it was a Saturday instead. But really stoked for Richmond even though you didn’t ask about that one haha

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wish I could make the richmond shows. that’ll be a blast.

ugh h8 it but youre prob right

I’m in

Probably going to go to the south bend show since I have family that live there and need to see granny before Christmas.

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Ive got two balcony tix locked in for SBC

I’ll go if KC relocates the city to the northeast


Considering South Bend. It’ll probably be a game time decision depending on how they’re playing on that run

i will not be in attendance for any of the three, thanks for reaching out.

also vibes, st. louis and south bend suck so much ass.


South Bend!!

It’s actually in Pontiac now


I want to go to KC to eat burnt ends and ribs, go to the WW1 museum and maybe go see UM.


I’m down with this

Is Metro NYC really the NE, or is it the Mid-Atlantic?

The correct answer is "Mid-Atlantic.

The show wasn’t in metro NYC though. It was in Portchester — basically upstate.

Upstate NY = NE

NYC =/= NE

Sometimes NE means northeast

Sometimes NE means New England

It’s so simple.


The entire state of NY is considered Mid-Atlantic, not northeast, and certainly not New England.